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Клуб Гостеприимства - самая большая международная организация обмена гостеприимством. Мы - это тысячи дружелюбных людей по всему миру, готовых поделиться ночлегом с путешественниками. Членство бесплатно, а регистрация займет всего несколько минут - присоединяйтесь!

Detailed Volunteer Information

You really want to help with the Hospitality Club? Great! Here are descriptions of the different things you could do. There is something for everyone: easy and hard tasks, local and internet things, technical and non-technical. We are especially happy about volunteers for our team who can work independently on a task on a long term basis.

You do not need to invest a lot of time - you can pick something that just takes half an hour or so every month. It's also no problem if you go traveling for some months: if there are several volunteers for a job, someone will always be around to take care of the things to be done. So even if volunteers are already listed for a task, offer your help anyway, we really might need you later. Get in touch with veit who is coordinating all volunteers by sending an email to if you would like to help and have any questions or feedback about the jobs. Please write a few words about your skills and why you would like to help with a certain task. Please also look at the Help us! page or become a Local Volunteer! And now, take a few minutes, read all descriptions and then pick what fits you best. Thank you! :-)

Volunteer Checklist
Please go through this checklist and try to first do those easy things to be a shining example for all other members (explanations on the Help us! page or other areas of the site). Have you already:

- written a friendly and up-to-date profile
- added a signature with the link to the HC to your outgoing emails
- sent an email to your friends and contacts inviting them into the club
- added an HC link to your homepage or website
- put a photo on your profile
- written a comment about all other HC members you personally know
- contacted the members living around you or in your next travel destination
- called or emailed your local or national newspaper/magazine/TV or radio station/travel show and suggested a story about the HC
- asked the webmaster or editor of your favorite travel/student/info website to put a link to the HC
- added some useful info to the Travel Guide categories for your country/region/city


If you complete this checklist, you are already a great volunteer!! Now read on for more specialized tasks...


Newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations are one of the best ways to spread the idea and the link of the HC. Journalists generally love our story - the internet, traveling, people helping each other are really great topics. The challenge is to get through to an interested journalist and suggest our story. It will be your job to surf the net, and email/call/fax media around the world to create interest in the HC. You can send them a press release or a simple email, whichever way works best. Once journalists have shown interest, you can help them get in touch with members who have used the club (generally they want someone from their local area). A very, very important volunteer job - some simple TV or radio appearances have brought the HC hundreds of new members within a day!
Urgency: high
experience in the field of media, independent working, persistence and patience, good communication skills
Volunteers: duesseldorf, tarion, wired-workman
Team coordinator: to de defined
External Forum Posters
There are many forums on the net where people exchange travel info. You will hang around there, answer questions, participate, and of course point people towards the HC whenever questions about accommodation, meeting people or cheap travel pop up. We will try to cover and split the most active forums between several volunteers. If you are active on any forum already, please add a link to the HC to your signature there.
Urgency: high
fun surfing and helping people online
Other Internet Communities
There are many communities on the net where people hang out, socialize, make friends, chat (examples: Orkut, Friendster, Virtualtourist, ICQ...). We try to have active HC groups in all the important ones to spread our idea and get in touch with more people. Pick a community and form a HC subgroup, invite travel-interested people over, post in Forums, talk. Help spread the word.
Urgency: high
enjoying hanging out in online communities and spreading the word
Other Mailing Lists
At places like Yahoogroups there are many travel related mailing lists. Some of them are quite active. We will try to place volunteers on many lists to participate in the discussions - you can point people towards the HC whenever relevant questions pop up, and of course include the HC link in your email signature.
Urgency: medium
access to email, following basic netiquette for your messages so people don't associate HC with spam ;-)
You will try to identify large travel/student/peace... email newsletters on the net, subscribe to them and then convince the editor to run an article or snippet on the HC. Very important, because people reading them are sitting in front of their computers and often sign up immediately.
Urgency: medium
independent research and patience, as convincing the editors might take some time
Web Surfers
There are endless opportunities on the net to spread our idea. Surf around, do something here, something there. Two ideas we have right now: Personal Websites and Travelogues: if you come across interesting people on the net, invite them to the club! Sign their guest book or send an email, especially if they talk about traveling on their homepage. Websites of the day/week/month: search Google for places who give out such awards at and suggest the Hospitality Club to the editors.
Urgency: medium
fun surfing the net and doing a bit of HC promotion
HC Blogger
We want to set up a HC Blog - a blog shared by a group of members where they tell their experiences as guests and hosts. Also, this blog should be linked to other bloggers who are HC members and collect HC related blog entries from across the web. The main mission is to show surfers that the idea is working and fun, and to get the HC on as many blogrolls as possible so surfers find their way.
Urgency: medium
some idea what blogging is about, enjoy talking about HC experiences, team work
Other free accommodation sites
Since we founded the club in 2000, more and more free accommodation sites pop up on the net - it is very simple to put up a site and database these days. While it is great that the idea of hospitality exchange is spreading, we believe that is best to have one global network to keep abusers out, bundle volunteer resources and save time for all members. We tried to cooperate with most other sites, but it is often very difficult for founders to give up their baby and join the HC instead of doing a one-man-show. We want to make sure that all members on the other sites eventually find their way to the HC. So please, tell everyone you are in touch with on those sites (if they ask you for accommodation, or you send messages, or in your profile) about the club - they simply might not know yet. We will send you a list of all other sites we know of so you can register there.
Urgency: high
dedication to the HC ;-)
Volunteers: too many to list


Servers administration
Our servers are the very core of the HC site and the administrators work hard to assure data security and a 24/7 uptime. A professional approach is critical to reach these goals.
Urgency: high
Good level of GNU/Linux knowledge, long term experience in server administration, services hardening and firewall ruleset writing.
Volunteers: inquis, jyetcathy, babso
Team coordinator: inquis
This is one of the biggest tasks to be done. The core programming of the site has been done by pakkio, and we will eternally be thankful to him! However, to take the burden off his shoulders we are looking for new programmers. All you need is basic PHP/MySQL skills - there are easy and hard tasks, bugs to kill, quick and sophisticated solutions to implement. We would love to work you in, and you will be first to help putting into place the neverending flow of improvements already on the to do list and suggested by our members.
Urgency: high
any level of PHP/MySQL knowledge - you can learn by doing if you don't know anything yet
Volunteers: augustas, samm, valmid, wuntzt
Team Coordination:
Technical: babso
Strategic: valmi
We are working to implement a dynamic map platform on the HC site. It will revolutionize the way members get in touch with each other. The maps will be the starting point to get to know the locations of cities, even the most remote villages where there is an HC member.
Urgency: high
Good level of PHP, Javascript and C programming knowledge, preferably skills in integrating PHP database queries output with Javascript functions through XML generated data files. Sufficient level of geography (geo coordinates, local time, etc.) knowledge.
Programmers: Beta testers: orangejon, phauly, simon-brinkrolf, veit
Team coordinator:
HTML Webmaster
If you know basic HTML, we need you! We leave the outer pages of the site static, so they can easily be surfed and crawled by spiders. This means, that the code has to be modified and cleaned up from time to time. Also, the translations have to be put into the right HTML-format, whenever a new one is sent in from the translators. So if you know how to notepad-edit HTML (we want to keep the source clean), please get in touch!
Urgency: medium
HTML notepad-editing and use of text replacement tools
Volunteers: simon-brinkrolf
Layout and Redesign
We want to give the HC site a good layout overhaul in the next months. The layout has to be functional, intuitive, friendly. If usability, good simple (non-graphic-intense!!) webdesign is something you enjoy: make some drafts. We will gather many ideas, propose them to our members and then let them give feedback. It will take some time, but we are determined to always improve the site layout-wise.
Urgency: high
excellent webdesign, patience for the decision-making process and for constant feedback loops to improve the initial draft
Team coordinator: simon-brinkrolf
Graphics and Logo
Yes, the HC is not really a designer's dream - functionality came first. We do want a logo sometime, and also always need banners, buttons, T-Shirts and other designs. Maybe even a cool flash movie to convince non-members. So if you are the creative type, just go for it!
Urgency: medium
designer creativity, patience for the logo - we will do a contest and that will take some time
One of the main purposes of our site is to support cultural diversity. Because of that, we would love to give you the opportunity to read this site in your mother tongue, especially if it is not a wide-spread language or even under the threat of dying out. You speak a language that is not on this site yet? Well, then do something about it, get in touch! :-)
Urgency: medium
You should be a native speaker of the language you want to translate.
Volunteers: adelanto, alex85ger, andantefin, anto4831, apuuga, ashraf, balihomestay, boufonnette, bruno84, capricorn, cemreakin, coco2co2co, cosinschi, cynthiabhbr, dbrener, dr_vader, dushan, enielk, erjeque, estonica, famiglia, freestyle, gboerio, ghoti, hekestyler, ieva, igorslipknot, irenenorway, jelenah, joeysz, jsosse, juanjo, jupolimeno, justbe, justee, kirsi, kjell, kost, kvashonka, laurinda, leeloj, lizaveta, lucysd, magata, magpas, mannekas, mariopulver, mille, mjb142, mmarilena, nadsad, necca, nl20, obrigado, ortopelea, ozzy, piaplutt, polinastokrotko, ptbrsi, rauno, redsnapper, roberto65, rodrigofromexico, sampon, seaba, simon-brinkrolf, snowflakelaia, stood, tilman, tintoska, ujka, ukurka, uzu, valmid, veit, virgorela, wuntzt, yigiman, yurr, zbooo, zozo2k3
Team Coordinator: to be defined
Travel Guides: Fill with info
We have excellent features for sharing of travel info on the site - the Travel Guides. Now they need to be filled. If you enjoy writing and helping people, add travel info! You can start from your own experience or surf the net and rewrite info you find in other sources like guidebooks and travel sites in your own words (so we don't violate copyright). You could also make backups of texts that have already been added. Please also look at the other Travel Guide job below.
Urgency: medium
good writing skills in English, gathering and rewriting information
Develop Itineraries
We will develop itineraries for certain countries and regions to get our members traveling off the beaten path. The possibilities are endless - some possible examples "Wines in France" or "Small villages in Germany". The basic idea: channel travellers away from the big cities and bring them together with people who want more visitors. You will start pages with route info, suggestions on who to visit and communicate with those members to put together some fun itineraries.
Urgency: medium
work independently on a project, fun researching tourist info and emailing with members
Build a Glossary
On the external pages, we will set up an extensive glossary with terms connected to hospitality exchange and cheap travel. The idea: give some explanation of the most important expressions, but also put as many HC-mission related keywords on our site as possible, so they show up in search engines.
Urgency: medium
English skills to write definitions for words, basic HTML skills to make the pages and interlink them
Build an Affiliate Directory
To raise funds for the club, we will build a directory of related services, where the HC earns a commission or some cents per click when members check out those sites or book services. You will look around the affiliate directories, and then build and maintain that directory.
Urgency: medium
good research skills to identify good programs that might be of use for members, basic HTML skills (maybe not necessary if we program a good interface)


Answer emails
Every day, many emails are sent to and via the Feedback Form. We try to answer every email, hopefully always in a friendly, professional and helpful manner. Most questions are quite basic and simple to answer and many messages have to be forwarded to specialized volunteers.
Urgency: high
good email skills, and not getting annoyed answering the same question for the 146th time ;-)
Volunteers: alexandra99, betrieb, bjs76, cabaleira, carolinerose, ghoti, grinningshelomita, ieva, kulturfenster, lainee, leopoldr, lyara, matzaandra, smarro82, tilman, wibke
Team Coordination: tilman
Forgotten Password or Username
A few members forget their user name (although it is included in every message sent from the site). There is no other way than manually check for them in the database and then send them their user name and help them with requesting a new password. Doesn't require lots of time.
Urgency: medium
patience and being able to search members on the site (using the Advanced Search)
Volunteers: wibke, betrieb, cabaleira, sarakay, lainee
Quite an easy and rewarding job: you take the pictures our members send by email and adjust their size to around 30 KB, if they sent too big files. You look for the user name on the site if they did not send it with the email. Once named, you upload the picture to our webspace and enter the URL ( directly into the member profile and poof - another one of our members will have a face on the site.
Urgency: medium
using image editing software (basic tasks), emailing members
Volunteers: flyter
Travel Guides: Layout and technical help
Although the basic functionality is pretty awesome, our travel guide features are still a bit buggy. You will help members who messed up some sections by adding wrong html tags or who would like to add info but don't know how to do it. Also, you could clean up a bit, moving links to the External Links categories, formatting everything nicely, removing spam. Another taks to be done is backing up larger sections of already written texts every now and then. Take a look at the other Travel Guide job above as well.
Urgency: high
basic html skills and a bit of investigative talent to find and kill bugs. enjoying emailing and helping other members
Volunteer Manager and Team Coordinators
This page makes it quite obvious - as the club grows, we are developing dozens of specialized volunteer jobs and hundreds of volunteers around the world are working together to make our vision a friendly reality. Since we are mostly communicating through the net, our volunteers need lots of motivation and coordination. In many teams, team coordinators will evolve naturally, coordinating and helping their team members. But in the long run we also need volunteer managers who help new volunteers on a global scale.
Urgency: medium
understanding the details of the HC, fun emailing and explaining, positive vibe :-)
Volunteers: veit, for team coordinators see their respective team sections
Conflict Resolution Team
99% of all exchanges and meetings are great, our members are a friendly bunch. But when bringing together thousands of people, some situations end up in a mess. To make sure we deal with such situations in the best way, we will establish a team of mediators who will communicate with the members in question and will try to deescalate and find acceptable solutions. Hopefully, you will be a wise, old, diplomatic volunteer ;-)
Urgency: medium
good email skills, diplomacy and wisdom


Accepting new members and checking of address updates
We check the full name and address at signup and when members change their address. Also, new members who did not provide all info at signup send this info by email and have to be approved. Since we have to give you access to member data for this job, it would be good if you could start out with some smaller jobs first, and once we consider you a reliable volunteer you can help here.
Urgency: medium
you need to be a trusted volunteer so we can give you access to member data; reliable and confidential work
Volunteers: agagajownik, alper, anto4831, beduinka, betrieb, brandonsn, brusi03b, cabaleira, chrisgoy, cookieeemonster, crumbking, ekc, gregoire, ieva, kiltboy69, kjell, kvashonka, lazagnr, mdsmendes, mehrdadkhorrami, nagynl, nbrazilian, paulipauli, platschi, simon-brinkrolf, sushirolle, tilman, toniwalia, tpani, wibke, wuntzt, zaubii
Signup Team Service: ieva
Signup Procedures and Recruitment: wibke
Address Updates Coordinator: wibke
Spam Checker
One of the biggest quality features of the club is the fact that we screen all messages. We do this for one reason: we do not want ANY spam to reach the mailboxes of our members and keep a high level of trust in the community. This spam check takes a lot of time and as the message volume rises, we take more volunteers onboard to help.
Urgency: very high
you need to be a trusted volunteer, because you will have access to member messages - please start by doing some other volunteer tasks and then become a checker. Absolute confidentiality, reliable work and good teamwork are needed for this job.
Volunteers: alper, ayla, babso, cemke, dargath, dimaseg, duesseldorf, elderane, elduderino, emminha, enginkaban, fabry, firenice, galaxy, ghoti, hekestyler, ieva, in80tagen, ivanburgos, katrine, kenza888, khaled144122003, kurtisgimp, kvashonka, lagopus, marti78, maurizio1976, miicoo, morhart, nagynl, nejc, samirljuma, stasta, stood, sushirolle, tiger75, tilman, tintoska, tiziano, tmoon, valmid, wuntzt, yurr
Team Coordination:
Recruiting: essely
Communication: ayla
Geographic Cleanups
We want the geographic database to be neat and tidy, but also culturally accurate. That's why we let users enter their city and region themselves when they sign up. Therefore regions and cities have to be cleaned up from time to time. So if you have suggestions for cleanups, please follow the steps outlined in the Member FAQ to send them in. If you want to help even more, you can join the Geography Team that applies the fixes to the database.
Urgency: medium
for sending in suggestions just knowledge of the country or region in question.
For the Geography Team (modifying the database according to member suggestions) basic computer skills and good team work.
Volunteers: Take a look at the Geo volunteers countries list!
airpricing, alexey, andreash, brusi03b, cactusflower, cemreakin, chiri, chrisgoy, ckela, crumbking, csupika, danieljvirblis, daxy, deepak_sapra, duesseldorf, emminha, esevin, everfree, fabio_rosa, fake51, firenice, flohfish, gattoula, gerbennap, goforocean, goyoman, gypsyhymn, hiasi, icelilia, ieva, iru, jenseb, kalupinka, karliknos, kjell, kvashonka, kvasinka, lauraasia, liorvol, loscar, lucysd, macedonicus, maplefanta, mart_o-cloc, mdsmendes, mehrdadkhorrami, mixmaxtw, nagynl, natasza, nejc, ngonzalez, nickydude, oysie, pisklak, playschool, polarfox, rajsaurabh11, rowotel, scout87, shulov, skdmatthews8, spectre, suzymuzy, tenetsi, tilman, tiziano, tmoon, toeppler, valmid, vladas, waltraudn, wibke, wizzard, yang, ymt, yoyore, yulu, zahid444, zuzunaki, zverka
Team Coordination:
Recruiting: maplefanta
Wrong email addresses
It happens quite often that people change their email address, or it becomes inactive. We do not want to lose those members for the club, so your task will be to work through the error messages that are being returned, and then creatively try to revive those members. You can send a message to the people who trusted this member (they might know), look on the net for him/her, see if there is a secondary email address in our database. Also, you will turn on a flag that this member's email is on error so other members see this and the member will update the email address the next time he/she logs in.
Urgency: medium
reliable work on a routine task, pride in recovering "dead" members
Comment Quality Team
You review the comments posted by members on each other, delete doubles and obviously false ones and fix comments on member's request when mistakes have been made.
Urgency: medium
fun reading comments and emailing with members, ability to use the simple admin tools
Volunteers: alper, cemreakin, duesseldorf, escarabajo, fabzgy, justee, kvashonka, lourenssenm, meenzer, mirto, mizlizzz, nagynl, nbrazilian, r-men, rosabella, simon-brinkrolf, tilman, toniwalia, urg, valmid
Team Coordinator: simon-brinkrolf
Group Administrators
We are working on a new feature: HC Groups. Members will be able to join special groups and find other members with the same interest. Some groups will have closed memberships and be open to members of other organizations (like Servas or AFS). So we need admins who check the membership and then approve the new Group members.
Urgency: medium
good connection to your organization/Group so you can actually check the membership


Link Building
People should be able to find the Hospitality Club and for that to happen we need lots of links. Link Building is a simple task: you just surf around the net and look for pages that should link to us. Basically, any travel, student, peace or non-profit organization, news site, portal should have a link to us. Usually, this takes a bit of effort - you might have to send the webmaster a few emails. But if you are friendly and remind them every now and then, it should work. We will link back to good sites from You could also start by asking all websites our users enter in the Travel Info section and in the Links category in the Forum to link back to us.
Urgency: medium
surfing and emailing :-) And basic HTML skills if you want to take care of the Links page yourself, but not absolutely necessary.
You have probably been to the HC Chat room. A wonderful tool to talk to other members around the world. But also a wonderful way of having an online 24/7 HC office! Chat volunteers simply hang out in the chat and whenever a non-member or a newbie comes in and asks some questions, they help and make sure those people browsing in are not afraid anymore to sign up after the talk. If you are an active IRC user anyway or spend a lot of time connected to the net, this might be for you.
Urgency: low
chatting, online time, fun helping people and answering questions
Volunteers: ashraf, bassqualle, elomar, globetrotter_tt, gregoire, helgelehn, inquis, kenza888, lystyl, nikkie, pietshah, r-men, spectre, valmid vladas, wizzard, xcriteria
Team Coordinator: helgelehn
Instant Messenger
On the outer pages, we have a list of volunteers who are ready to answer questions about the HC by non-members via ICQ/MSN/AOL/Yahoo/Skype. Since the addition of the chat to the site this is not so important anymore, because most people can pop in there quickly. Still, it is good to have such a list for people who might not find anyone in the chat but want to talk to "real" people before signing up.
Urgency: low
active use of one of the messenger programs, ability to answer basic questions about the HC
Volunteers: see external Chat page
Event Partnerships
We will offer our network to other organizations or event organizers. A sample case: a big youth congress in a city with many HC members. We offer the organizers to find accommodation with our members, if they make sure the people who stay with our members sign up for the HC. Good for them because they find accommodation, good for us because we get many new members. You help to set up the best routines and coordinate everything for the first such partnerships.
Urgency: medium
good organization skills, team work with HC outsiders
Local Volunteers
Most of the tasks on this page are specialized, so you can do them on a global scale. But if you have looked around the site you will have seen that we try to recruit Local Volunteers for every corner of the planet. So please sign up for this as well - all info on the Local Volunteer page.
Team Coordinator: kjell
Other External Relationships
We try to establish cooperations and partnerships with many different organizations and sites - NGOs, travel sites, ride-sharing agencies, tourist offices etc. etc. You will be assigned one organization or institution and communicate with them as a HC volunteer, working out details. Also, if you are active within an organization you could become a Group Admin for a specialized group or write a Special for the HC site and promote the HC within that organization.
Urgency: medium
independant work, good understanding as to what we as HC can and cannot offer, good email skills and trustworthiness so we can happily rely on you as HC representative
Volunteers: kjell, veit
To impress not-yet-members and get media attention, we try to get quotes and statements about the HC from famous people. Paulo Coelho was a first huge success, but we would like to have more. This job entails finding out contact info and writing tailor-made emails, and following up on them.
Urgency: low
independant work, good email skills


Forum Posters and Moderators
We need active posters in the Forum - help other members, answer questions, hang out. Once you have made some quality posts, we also need you as a moderator to move posts and edit them where needed. You can take single categories or become a full moderator.
Urgency: high
for posting, just a grip of the keyboard :-)
For moderating, good judgement and communication skills. No technical skills needed.
Volunteers: aniaflynn, babso, cemreakin, ghoti, isabellaandert, kost, lauraasia, maplefanta, matzaandra, muzzy, niklos, suzymuzy, tilman, toniwalia, valmid
Team Coordinator: babso
Mailing List Moderators
Similar to the Forum, we will set up a HC Mailing List for members to hang out, talk, socialize. We will only start this mailing list once we have found one or two good moderators who will make sure quality stays high and flames out. The mailing list will be pre-moderated and probably quite large and active, so you need to be a pretty fast moderator.
Urgency: high
excellent judgement and communication skills. Fast email turn-around times. No technical skills needed.
Legal Team
As the club grows we have to fix the external framework and get ready for problems. Join the legal team if you would like to help with research and the decision making process. You do NOT have to be a lawyer or legal expert (although it would be nice of course), if you can analyze info found on the net and adapt it to the HC situation, that is cool too. Even if you have very limited time, please signal your availability to this team in cases of emergency. And if you know competent lawyers who wouldnt mind sparing a few hours of their time to help the HC, please also get in touch.
Urgency: high
legal and analytical
Organize Projects
As the club grows, we want to evolve from a simple travel network into a deeper and deeper peace organization. We will carry our idea of peace building through hospitality to areas of the world that really need it. Therefore, we would like to set up projects, pages, cooperations focusing on places and issues like Pakistan/India, the Balkans, Israel/Palestine, the Arab/Western world, the Basque country etc. Another project is to encourage partner cities to use our network for exchanges between individual citizens of their cities.
Urgency: medium
very independant work, long term focus, good communication skills and ability to represent the HC in a friendly, professional manner
Security Teams
We have two security teams. One deals with data security - protecting the HC against hacker attacks and data theft. The other one deals with the protection of our network against criminals.
Urgency: medium
knowledge, background or interest in data security or crime prevention/law enforcement
Volunteers: confidential
Special Agents
All the time, new tasks pop up that will eventually find their way onto this page. If you are smart and dedicated, become a Special Agent and help us with some of the non-routine tasks.
Urgency: medium
good knowledge of HC operations, independant work

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