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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

Help File

You can find almost any light or food industry products at Kharkiv supermarkets: food, alcohol, household goods and equipment, sportswear and equipment, clothing, underwear, souvenirs and lots of other items. Generally, supermarkets are open from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., but some of them are open around the clock (for example, TARGET in Moskovskyi Avenue).

Supermarkets Locations

Supermarket "BILLA"
Klochkivska Str. 9-A
Kharkiv, 61003

Supermarket "BILLA"
23 August Str. 33-A
Kharkiv, 610072

Supermarket "TARGET"
Gagarin Ave. 167/1
Kharkiv, 61124

Supermarket "TARGET"
Akademika Pavlova Str. 120
Kharkiv, 61054

Supermarket "TARGET"
Moskovskyi Ave.,257
Kharkiv, 61044

Supermarket "ВЕЛИКА КИШЕНЯ"
Klochkivska Str.,104-A
Kharkiv, 61022

Supermarket "ВЕЛИКА КИШЕНЯ"
Traktorobudivnykiv Ave., 57
Kharkiv, 61153

Supermarket "ВЕЛИКА КИШЕНЯ"
Peremogy Ave., 62
Kharkiv, 61204

Supermarket "ВОСТОРГ"
Klochkivska Str.,173
Kharkiv, 61145

Supermarket "ВОСТОРГ"
Moskovskyi Ave., 274-B
Kharkiv, 61032

Supermarket "КАРАВАН"
Geroyiv Praci Str., 7
Kharkiv, 61144

Supermarket "КАРАВАН"
Tarasivska, 3
Kharkiv, 61068

Supermarket "КЛАСС"
Gagarina Ave., 178
Kharkiv, 61035

Supermarket "КЛАСС"
Lyudvika Svobody Ave., 43
Kharkiv, 61202

Supermarket "КЛАСС"
Moskovskyi Ave., 259
Kharkiv, 61044

Supermarket "КЛАСС"
Saltivske Shosse, 248
Kharkiv, 61171

Supermarket "КЛАСС"
Sergiya Grytsevtsya Str., 29
Kharkiv, 61172

Supermarket "РОСТ"
Plekhanivska Str., 135/139
Kharkiv, 61037

Supermarket "РОСТ"
Klochkivska, 65
Kharkiv, 61022

Supermarket "ЯРОСЛАВНА"
Krasnodarska Str., 181-A
Kharkiv, 61176

Supermarket "ЯРОСЛАВНА"
Druzhby Narodiv Str., 279-A
Kharkiv, 61183

Market places

Kharkiv has been known for its merchant traditions since long ago: great amounts of goods — from jewelry and French perfumes to live pigs — have been sold and bought at its countless markets and fairs.

These traditions are still alive: the variety and originality of goods at the numerous city markets — large and small, universal and specialized ones — are quite mpressive.

Blahovishchenskyi, Kinnyi and Sumskyi are considered to be the oldest food markets (the latter one, by the way, is the most expensive).

Bargaining, as is customary at the market places, is possible only with private sellers, the price will hardly be reduced at the stationary stalls.

In addition to food, markets trade in manufactured goods as well. Moskovskyi Market ("Moskovskyi Avenue" underground station) deals exclusively with selling manufactured goods. At week-ends some shopping centers and boutiques bring their goods here too, but it generally does not affect the price.

The famous shopping center, situated in the vicinity of the "Academician Barabashov" underground station, is well known all over Ukraine. It is a real city in the city, developing rapidly, playing an important part in the economic development of Eastern Ukraine. Entrepreneurs from Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Luhansk, Mariupol and other cities come here to acquire goods.

You can buy virtually anything here: clothing (it is the main item on the market), footwear, electrical equipment, construction materials, car spare parts and even cars.

Cafes and Bars

You can have a rest and a cup of coffee in one of numerous Kharkiv cafes. You will be offered a wide choice of kinds of coffee and the ways of its preparation at cafes like "Kofein", "Kofeman" and others.

The most popular cafes with the youth are "Restoranchik dostupnoi vkusnyatiny", "Konyky", "Zhyli-byli", "Mandarin", "Puzata Khata". Stylish interiors are their characteristic features; even menus are arranged with a certain share of humour here, and you may combine the dishes by yourself.

Unfortunately, in Kharkiv, there have remained very few special places, where the well-known writers, poets, artists, and just interesting people used to gather. They have been replaced by new comfortable and cosy cafes and bars with modern interiors and with a high-quality service, but unfortunately, without the creative spirit, Kharkiv used to be so famous for. One of the last survivors is the "Pyrizhkova" snack bar at the corner of 46 Sumska Street. Its interior and assortment haven’t changed since 1960s.

Kharkivites are fond of beer and drink it in large quantities. Good beer can be found in wide assortment in many bars of the city.

Abundance of beer is completed by classical alcoholic drinks, speciality cocktails, set off by traditional European and national cuisine.


You may find plenty of good restaurants in Kharkiv, and there is no sense in recommending a certain of them: cuisine differs very much from one place to another, all dishes (mainly of national, European, Uzbek, Caucasian, East-Asian cuisine) are unusual and tasty. It’s impossible to describe all of them — you’d better go and taste yourself. Nevertheless, let’s try to highlight some key points.

Mainly traditional European cuisine is served at such restaurants as "BMW", "Raiskiy Ugolok", "Dionis", "Greenwich" (English cuisine), "Metropol" (French cuisine), "Milena", "Poznan", "Florentsia" (Italian cuisine). "Shynok" and "Dykanka" restaurants will please you with Ukrainian cuisine. Genuine Vietnamese cuisine is served at the "Vzletayushchiy Drakon" restaurant, Chinese — at "Pekin", Japanese — at "Rosinka" and "Yaske".

As a rule, restaurants may be booked for banquets, buffets, business lunches or delegation receptions.

Often a restaurant is part of a bigger recreation centre (such as "Zolotoi Lev", "Nostalzhi", "Split" and others). At you service there are entertaining shows, billiards, sauna, and in some cases, hotel rooms.

Restaurant menus indicate prices for 100 grams of product, and you should take into account, that your helping may be bigger, and the price respectively higher. Tips usually total 5–10 %, sometimes they are included into the bill.

As a rule, restaurants open at 11:00 a.m., many of them work till the last customer leaves.

Edited byViktosha on 25.11.2007

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