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To come to Turkey, There are some cheap flights from Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.. Pls check prices from and with these airlines you can come to Istanbul, İzmir, Ankara, Antalya, Eskisehir *********************************************************** HITCHIKING in Turkey Hitchiking in Turkey is not so dangerous known as a common thought.In summer time especially you can hh to south so easily. And a tip: if u re in Istanbul, go to a ferryboats which are carrying cars and going to bandirma or yalova you can easily talk with drivers, families with Its very possible to find a car to anywhere..also petrol stations in highways are another possiblity.. *********************************************************** In Istanbul ferries are fantastic and cheap way to spend a day.. sometimes I just invent a reason to go somewhere so I can have some time on the sea... Sultanahmet is a major Tourist area.If you take a taxi, make sure meter is on and check the red lights for day and night rates. From Taksim and anywhere else you can find them make the most of Dolmus.. small vans.. cheap.. quick.. and go as soon as they fill up. To travel to the other cities, you can take a plane(to only the big cities!)a bus( to everywhere!) a train( to many places) and of course you can rent a car! or hitchhike... If I were you, I would first arrive in Istanbul and spend a week or two there and then take a taxi to the big Bus Terminal and get on the bus to wherever you want to go! People are very friendly to help and most of them can speak a little English.

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