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Attractions and Things to See and Do

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Istanbul, the worlds pearl! You need at least a week or something to get an idea of this city. I say to get an idea because it is so big and full of historical places,palaces, mosques, churches,synagogues, museums, ruins, old mansions, authentic cafes, restaurants, modern shopping malls,Forts, castles, worldwide famous Grand Bazaar, Covered Bazaar...etc. The Bosphorous itself is a never ending blue legend!

Cappadocia,famous for the volcanic rock formations and fairy chimenies, is also known as the early settlements of the Christians in Anatolia.While wandering around, Cappadocia definetely takes you away from this planet.

The Mount Nemrut! You should see the rock heads and the sunrise on this mountain.

Antalya is a southern city. The tourists' paradise! The sun,beautiful sandy beaches, wonderful sea, exiting sea sports,excellent holiday villages...etc.

Bodrum and Marmaris. Words are not enough to describe these two holiday resorts! They are both by the Eagean Sea.Gorgeous, bays, the best blue water in the world( for many people!),famous for "the blue journey" boat tours.

Efes and Seljuk: In this area, by the Eagean coast again, you can see The House of the Virgin Mary and The Artemis Temple, which is the one of the seven wonders of the world!

The Sumela Monestry,built in rocks surrounded by the greenest forest on the top of a mountain, is in Trabzon, a northern city by the Black Sea.

ünye is north of turkey .ünye is in black sea have ünye castle which was built from very old georgian king .it have king rock tomb.and it have ayanikola church in the sea as very little a island .now aynikola church's walls is there in the sea. and now it have old 3 churches in city centre.but this churches are house,...etc .and green trees and sea

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