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Help File
Public transports in Switzerland are frequent and well organized, as well as gorgeous for the mountain trains... but very expensive!

If you plan to travel a bit by public transports in Switzerland, a part from european tickets, consider getting one of these:
Swiss transfer ticket allows you to go from the border (or airport) to your destination and back within 1 month.
Swiss card is a swiss transfer ticket plus half price on nearly all transports in Switzerland for a month.
Swiss pass exists in 4,8,15,22 days or a month. This pass allows you to travel for free on trains (except some very touristic trains in mountains), regional buses, boats and on the public transports of 37 cities. It is usually possible to get 50% off where not fully accepted.
Swiss Flexi Pass works like the Swiss pass except you can use it any of the 3,4,5,6 or 8 days of validity through a month.

These cards or pass are not sold within Switzerland, so you have to buy them before coming or on the website of the main railway company (
More informations on >travel >ticket shop >guests from abroad.

To plan your journey in Switzerland, use It offers information for all trains, regional buses, boats and even door to door planing for the main cities for all companies... certainly one of the best web planer in the World. It also can inform you on international trains to/from Switzerland and trains on main routes for the neighbouring countries (it is sometimes more up to date for France than is the french railway website!)


Note that SBB, CFF and FFS stand out for the main railway company, but in German, French and Italian.

Hitchhiking is not as common as in other countries, but still possible. It can be hard to get out of some cities, as usual. I guess there is nearly no problem on the Germany-Italy north-south route. Remember also it is forbidden on motorways and their entrances; police is watching you! They'll normaly just ask to go away but can congratulate you with a fine.

You can also be tempted to try ridesharing(also called carpooling or liftpooling) using internet:

is originally a german website and now offers a swiss branch, but only in german. Very good to travel between Switzerland and Germany

the new one, swiss based, in french and german, mainly made for regular journeys inside Switzerland and boarder regions, it offers also some international journeys. Funny feature: special section for easy searches for rides to/from festivals

should be the most international of the three. Available for many west european countries and in various languages.

or you can also rent a car ...

The three main airports are:

Zürich Kloten
Basel - Mulhouse (in France, nearby Basel)
Geneva Cointrin

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