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Basic Facts

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Official Country Name:Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft (German), Confédération Hélvétique (French), Confederazione Svizzera (Italian), Confoederatio Helvetica (Romansch)
Administrative divisions: Confederation (federal state), Cantons (local states, 23, 3 of them being divided in 2 26 in total...) and municipalities (nearly 3'000). This division is used by HC to sort members by region.
Population: 7,489,370 (July 2005 est.)
International telephone code:+41
Time Zone: Central European
Area: 41.285
Language(s):different dialects(swissgerman, but the official one remains German=Hochdeutsch), french,italian and romansch,
Ethnic Groups:
Geographical regions: Alps (60%), plateau (30%) and Jura (10% - also mountains)
Highest Mountain:Monte Rosa (Pointe Dufour/Dufourspitze) 4634 m.a.s.[12 >4000m, mainly in Wallis]
Lowest point: Lago maggiore 193 m.a.s
President/Head of State: One of the 7 members of Government, changing every year!
Government: 7 members elected by the 2 chambers
Currency:Swiss Franc
Exchange Rate: US$1=1.2645 CHF / 1 EUR=1.55-1.60 CHF
Health Risks:under cooling
Electricity:230 V 50 Hz
Weights & Measures:metric system: g,kg,t,/
Country Name in other languages:Switzerland, Schweiz (German), Suisse (French), Svizzera (Italian)
National day: 1st of August

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