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Spanish history is been intense as the facts showed us , it is the battle between the africans and the europeans. Different cultures interacting, for most of the time sadly fighting for the wealth there has always been. The geographic position, the main doorgate to africa or europe, depending where you come from. This is inside of every of us, the constant contradiction between this 2 behaviours. We speak many different languages, and have to do a exceptional effort to believe we are spanish. Normally who believes it (the idea of Spain) normal (blindly), doesn't know much about the iberic peninsula. We have suffered suicidal civil wars like no other european country, and when was time for the last 2 world wars we were already tired of killing each other. As i read from one of the F.A.I. (iberic anarchist federation) head comanders, Abad de santillan Before the military uprising in the 30's (normally confused with Spanish Civil War) , chief executives from the other 'right wing' ilegal party called 'Falange' were desperate to get in touch with anarchist representatives surely to agree some kind of non agression deal between the 2 popular working class factions. The anarchists refused to meet afraid of what the 'others' could think about that. The second biggest mistake, as this man was relating in the 60's, was to stop the civil civilwar against the stalinist posh fuckers. both things comes from the same, like the african teenager is seduced by nike, or the european who thinks if you are nasty you are charismatic. The military and the so-called republican comanders should make the war between themselves and let us enjoy and develop ourselves, but the vast majority of the spanish residents decided to involve the slaughter convinced like monkeys that that what was the right thing to do, to kill the idea of a really happy society, afraid, as we still are now as everybody knows, of enjoyment , our life objective.

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