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open daily exept Mondays

Slovak National Gallery
entrance from Sturovo namestie
exhibiting permanent Gothic thru Baroque art exhibition,
and actual exibitions changing approx. every 3to6 months

GMB (City Gallery of BA)
on Panska ul.,and Frantiskanske nam.
exhibiting both permanent exhibitions of old thru modern art and actual exhibitions changing every few months

Medium Gallery
on Hviezdoslavovo nam.(square)
neighbouring Academy of Fine Arts and Design, monthly interesting art and design exhibit., of young artists!!!

Milan Dobes Gallery
muzeum of famous slovak kinetic artist!!!

all movies with slovak subtitles exept those for children.. best source of Slovak Cinema info is magazine monthly for 15SK with complete movie program!!

multiplex cinemas Aupark, Polus showing mainly mainstream US production

Movie Clubs (FK) playing wide variety of both underground, overground and mainstream cine, tickets 50-100SK ...

FK Charlie centrum
Spitalska ul.4,, playin the widest variety of international movies, comfortable seats!!!

FK Nostalgia
Starohorska 2, Slovak technical univ.building,, playin Mon.,Wed.,Fri.

Kino Mladost
Hviezdoslavovo nam.17,

Kino Muzeum
Nadvorie starej radnice(old townhall courtyard)

Kino Tatra
Nam.1.Maja 7, playin both mainstream and interesting international movies, comfortable seats!!!

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