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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

Help File
Singapore is a food paradise. You will never go hungry on this tiny island.


Supermarkets: The main supermarkets in Singapore are Cold Storage (aptly named, by the way - brrrr!) and Singapore's own NTUC Fairprice. Items are reasonably priced at NTUC, which explains why a lot of aunties shop here. If you want hard-to-find items, Cold Storage or Jason's would be a better bet but prices are slightly higher as they cater to the expatriate clientele. There's also a hypermarket at Suntec City, Carrefour. You might also want try Sheng Shiong, though their outlets are mostly located in the neighbourhood estates (none in town).

Street Food: There are plenty of hawker centres (these are open-air) and food courts (these are usually air-conditioned and located in malls) serving local fare. Some of these places are opened 24 hours, and if you worry about the hygiene of some of these places, look for the grades that should be displayed on the individual stalls. The Ministry of Environment conducts checks on eating places and gives them ratings (A being the cleanest, of course). Sometimes, they will even shut down places if they don't comply with rules and regulations. Don't be surprised if you see long queues at some places with the 'C' rating (or lower) though, Singaporeans enjoy our food and somehow our stomachs have also evolved along the way to be somehow immuned.

Local Specialties: For breakfast, why don't you try the kaya toast at a local coffee shop? Kaya is somewhat like jam, and is made of eggs, sugar, coconut milk. And nothing beats paying only S$0.60 for a strong cuppa to perk you up for a day's sightseeing.

It is safe to drink water straight from the tap in Singapore but for those who prefer bottled mineral water, these are readily available at local supermarkets and convenient stores.

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