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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

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Local Specialties
Pecenje /pechenye/ - meat of a pig (svinjece) lamb (jagnjece) or veal (telece)
Cevapcici /Chevapchichi/ - grilled pig or calf meat, cyllinder shaped and usually with kajmak or onions
Pljeskavica /plyeskavitza/- Serbian burger, usually without the bun when ordered in a restaurant
Leskovacka muckalica - mixed meat sliced in tiny cubicles and served with hot chilli peppers
Karadjordjeva snicla or Devojacki san - large cyllinder shaped chunk of meat stuffed with kajmak, cheese and ham, usually comes with mayo and french fries
Prebranac - beans Serbian way
Papazjanija/papazyanya/- mixed pig, calf and lamb meat, all sorts of vegetables, roasted for 8 hours on mild fire
Teleca glava u skembetu - veal head with entrails (sorry, but you just had to know this)
Podvarak - roasted cabbage
Jagnjeca kapama - lamb ribs with spinach
Bosanski lonac - similar to Papazjanija
Gibanica - Serbian pie (not sweet, but with cheese)
Dimljena zlatiborska vešalica - smoked steak (made in a way they do it in Zlatibor, a mountain in Serbia)
Kolenica u kiselom kupusu – Red and salty beef in sauercraut (sour cabbage leaves)
Jagnjeca crevca u saftu – it's best that this one remains without the explanation. Be brave and order it.
Pecenje sa raznja – Roasted meat of all kinds – most often pig or lamb
Culbastija /chulbasteeya/- grilled pork or calf steak with onions
Urnebes salad - like many specialities, this one comes from south Serbia too. it has chees, kajmak, garlic, chilli pepper, salt, oil and pepper in it. Usually very hot
Ajvar - type of salad made out of paprika, not neceserilly hot
Proja - type of tasty and heavy Serbian bread
Pihtije - pig or calf meat in jelly made of pig or calf meat
Cicvara, kachamak and popara - types of porridge
Corbast pasulj – bean soup, usually with big chunks of meat
Papci na kuma – this one is a surprise.
Šumadijska tepsija - this one too.
Pohovane telece nogice – Breaded calf legs
Duvan cvarci, or simply cvarci /chvartzi/– chips made out of pig. Sounds silly, doesnt it?
Suva kolenica – dry red beef
imljena rebarca – smoked ribs
Krilca na zaru – chicken wings roasted directly on fire
Kajmak - salty milk cream, very tasty and very strong (ca 7000 calories in a kilo)
Urmasice - sweeeet cakes.
Vanilice – this is what you might call "grandmothers cakes"
In most bakeries they make "Burek" - not a typical Serbian dish (more Bosnian, Albanian, Macedonian or Turkish) but you can find great burek in Belgrade too.

Edited byaNChYangel on 22.10.2006

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