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Post and Communications and Internet

Help File
Post, is very slow and inefficient. A letter sent from Moscow to EU may take more than a week to arrive. Price for send a postcard to Europe is 10 roubles (0.30 Euro). Parcels are even more slower. If you want your letter/card to arrive faster post it from a big city and in a postbox of its central post office. If you need to send get something in urgence the only way is to send it via UPS/DHl or similar services, which exist in most big cities.
Telephone, network iss well developed only in cities, but is not always modern, so the connection quality is not always good too. Actually there are already more mobile numbers in use then fixed ones. Even in Moscow suburbs there are whole towns, where most people do't have a fix number, but only a mobile. The most common standart is GSM 900/1800. There are different operators in different regions. Roaming with foreign companies generally works (check out with your operator). It's also possible to buy a local number. (It will be around 10 euros, which will be on your account). In general, a call to a phone within your tariff zone costs about 20 cents. Be aware that sometimes you have to pay for incoming calls,especially if they are not from a mobile. There are also card payphones, but in general there are different paycards in each region. Another strange thing - when you hear the answer you have to press a button (generally showing a phone tube), otherwise your correspondant won't hear you. To call from a public or fixed phone to another city or a mobile dial 8, after tonality dial city/area/cell. network code and the nuber. To call abroad it's 8-tonality-10-country code-city code-##. from a mobile its better to dial in internationl format - +(country code)(area code)(number). The cheapest solution to call abroad is to use scratch cards (i.e. IP telephony cards), there are many different ones. There are some in computer stores, CD stores, photo stores, and supermarkets. The code of russia is 7.
Internet Access There are internet cafes in most main cities, if not you can generally find internet access at the main post&telegraph office of the city. It's not especielly cheap or expensive - usually it costs from 30 to 60 roubles per hour (mostly about 30), i.e. 1-2 euro. From home the most wide spread is dial-up access, generally also payed by scratch cards. In Moscow it generally costs 0.20 Us$ per hour night time, 0.60-0.80 US$ day or evening time.

Edited bydanieljvirblis on 18.12.2004

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