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Russia is one of the biggest countries. It has many differences between it's parts. It's hard to describe it in a few words, so you'd better see some detailed travel quides about Russia.

Top Things to See and Do
The capital of Russia is Moscow. It was built in 1147. It has a mixture of styles: you can see XXI century building next to a huge and modern one. St. Petersbourg is the second by population. It was built in 1703 by Peter The Great. The architecture of St.P. is more european, made in the same style. It was a capital of Russia for a long time. Near Moscow there are many old small beautifull towns, the group called "Golden Ring" (Yaroslavl, Suzdal, Vladimir and so on). If you go to Moscow you should visit some of them. There are many beautiful cities in Russia, if you have time you can go to Ural and Siberia and discover another Russia for yourself. Baikal lake is unique, clean, deep and beautiful. There are many Orthodox churches in Russia. Monsteries and some churchesare really worth visiting. One of the most important monasteries is Kirillo-Belozerskiy in Vologda region. If you go there you should also visit Ferapontovo to see the most famous russian icon-writer's works of art and Belosersk because of the large Beloe lake and it's unque architecture. North of Russia is famous because of Karelia's landscapes, Kizhi wooden churches, Valaam island and many other places of interest

Neighboring countries: Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukrain, Finland, Norway, Poland and Lithuania(Kaliningrad region), Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China

Who is coming? I'm Maria (HC name = Kvashonka), I live in Moscow since I was born. I travelled here in Russia by hitchhiking a lot. If you have some questions send a message to me. The information I gave here is not full, so it would be nice if you add something.

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