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Visa and Documents and Embassies

Help File
Who needs a visa? How to get it? Embassies & Consulates, of the country abroad and in the country
General information
Aliens who travel to Romania have the prior obligation to apply for a visa at a diplomatic mission or consular office, except those citizens arriving from countries with which Romania concluded agreements on abolition of visa requirements or has renounced unilaterally at the visa requirement (see annex 1, 2, 3).
Annex 1 - The list of the countries whose nationals must be in possession of visa when entering Romania;
Annex 2 - The list of the countries whose nationals are exempted from the Romanian visa requirement;
Annex 3 - The list of the countries whose nationals holders of diplomatic passports, service passports, official passports and seaman's books are exempted from the Romanian visa requirement.
The Romanian visa is granted by the diplomatic missions or consular offices of Romania abroad, on prior approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nonetheless, Romanian short stay visas may be issued without prior approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to aliens who do not need a visa to enter EU member states, if they apply for a visa in the country whose citizenship they hold.
To grant a visa to aliens coming from the states included in Annex 3, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests a notification from the Authority for Foreigners to be issued within 30 days from the day it is registered in the Bureau of Consular Affairs.
Long-stay visas will only be granted in agreement with the Authority for Foreigners.
Visas may be issued for one or multiple entries.
Exceptionally, the authorities of the border police may issue transit or short stay visas, provided that the following circumstances are met:
in emergency case as a consequence of disasters, natural calamities or accidents;
in case of death or severe illness of close relatives, which is to be proved by appropriate documents;
in case of damage, bad weather conditions or terrorist attack danger when ship or aircraft crew and passengers are forced to land;
in case of international organisation officials commissioned to carry out short-term official missions in Romania;
in case of foreign participants in international meetings, when the interval between the announcement and the meeting date is too short to allow visa procedures. In that case, visas will be granted with prior agreement of the Authority for Foreigners, at the request of the organiser and subsequent notification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
in case of foreign ship-crew to be repatriated when the labour contract expires or in case of rapid crew change.
Types of visa
The Romanian authorities grant the following types of visa:
1. airport transit visa, (symbol A);
2. transit visa, symbol B or B/CL when applied to groups, (collective visa);
3. short-stay visa, identified by one of the following symbols, according to the type of activity the applicant is to develop in Romania:
mission (symbol C/M)
tourism (symbol C/TU or CL/TU, when applied to groups);
visit (symbol C/VV);
business (symbol C/A);
transport (symbol C/TR);
sports (symbol C/SP);
cultural, scientific and humanitarian activities, short-term medical treatment or other activities that do not infringe Romanian law (symbol C/ZA).
4. long-stay visa, identified by one of the following symbols, according to the type of activity the applicant is to develop in Romania:
economic activities (symbol D/AE);
professional activities (symbol D/AP);
commercial activities (symbol D/AC);
labour contract (symbol D/AM);
studies (symbol D/SD);
family unification (symbol D/VF);
aliens married to Romanian citizens (symbol D/CR);
religious or humanitarian activities (symbol D/RU);
purposes other than those listed (symbol D/AS);
diplomatic and official service visa (symbol DS).
Visas are valid and entitle holders to stay in the territory of Romania for:
90 days, with the possibility of extension in the country, in the case of long-stay visas;
up to 90 days with no possibility of extension in the country, in the case of short-stay visas;
5 days from the entry date, in the case of transit visas.
Visa fees
- official and short-term visa:
one entry - 25 US dollars
multiple entries - 60 US dollars
- transit visa:
simple (and for simple airport transit) - 15 US dollars
double (and for double airport transit) - 25 US dollars
For expeditious issuance of visa (within 48 hours) additional charges: 6 US dollars. Potential extra costs for consular services are to be recovered on a separate basis.
No visa fee is required for:
representatives of International Organizations of which Romania is a member;
members of foreign diplomatic missions and consular offices, who are accredited in Romania, persons who travel together with the Head of States, Prime Ministers;
members of parliamentary delegations and other officials, as well their family members, on the basis of reciprocity;
organized tourist groups, which provide evidences of prior payment of the services (voucher).
Legal Framework
In Romanian:
for translated legal regulations please contact djalx

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