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A lot of pictures from all regions of Poland

No trip to the Krakow (crakow) area can be complete without a sobering visit to the death camps of Auschwitz I (Oswiecim) and Auschwitz II, better known as Birkenau (Brzezinka). Getting there however can be confusing or some work, neither of which it has to be. You can take the train from Krakow to Oswiecim, then a bus (or walk 1.6km) or you could simply take a bus from Krakow. The bus form Krakow is my favorite; it is more frequent, cheap and doesn't take hardly any longer than the train/bus combo. The trick is knowing where to catch the bus. Outside the main train station in Krakow there are two bus parks one right out in front (off to the side) and one on the back side of the stations. The one on the back side is the one you want. Go through the under ground tunnel beneath the train station and right on the other side is the small bus park where you catch the bus. No need for a ticket, pay as you board. This bus stops directly at the back gate of Auschwitz I where the main museum is located. Pay for both camps here. Go through the museum, see the movie, tour the grounds (guided or unguided) then catch the shuttle bus from the museum parking lot to Birkenau. Auschwitz I is small and prepackaged and give a glimpse of the Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, etc. who were "privileged" versus those who went to Birkenau. Auschwitz I was for workers, Birkenau was solely for death. Birkenau can not be described, only experienced. It is huge, 95% torn down. Climb the main gate tower and look around. Almost as far as you can see are the remains of over 300 barrack buildings. Imagine 50,000 humans a month going in the gates on the railroad track beneath you, never to come out again. Catch the bus back to the museum and then go back to where the Krakow bus dropped you off. The ride back to Krakow is almost always silent.

I'd say that trip to Krakow is incomplete without visiting Wieliczka and it's underground salt mine. There are scupltures made of salt; there is even a chapel. I've heard that someone did a bungee-jumping there- so you can imagine the height! You can get there from Krakow by bus or by train, but as far as I remember- bus is cheaper and more frequent. In mine there are only guided tours for IMO obvious reasons- it is (well, at least was a few years ago) still working mine.

and if you already visited Krakow you can check on the map - we have three main geografic regions:
the seaside (dont go to big cities if you dont like holidays in American style, go if you like exclusive shops, drinks and many people around you) and treat Gdansk as an exception - is beautiful historical city, from smaller I could recomend to see area of Jastrzebia Gora (high clifs), Hel - to go to naturist beach or to see the Sea from both sides, around Leba to see natural park.....
land of 1000 lakes - Mazury - in smaller places lot of beautiful wild nature, bigger other attractions - many possibility to swim, sail, surf... and meet positive crazy Polish sailors
mountains - from little, delicate like Beskidy, to high and sometimes dangerous like Tatry (many youth hostels on hils and trails, people with guitars, bonefires,...)
we also have many interesting cities - Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Zakopane - lot of fun for each kind of people
during holidays we have dozens of festivals - reggae, sea songs, country, punk, rock... if you need information please write me, for this moment I dont know good English side (you could try with Polish
and main attraction - meeting of East and West Europe, future and past at the same time - can you imagine? /samocha/ WARSAW Warsaw, a place of rich history, is a capital city of Poland. Completely destroyed during World War II it has been rebuilt by hands of it's inhabitants. One of the most interesting reflectons of Warsaw's history is the Museum of Warsaw's Uprising (which took place in 1944)- great and modern exhibition. You can visit Ujazdowski Castle with modern art exhibition , Palace in Lazienki and Wilanow. See also Old Town with nice castle and much more. Have nnice time!! Joanna Urbanek Wroclaw Is also place with great history it used to be german city , after II World War it becamed Polish . This is one of the this multicultural cities with the most beautyful marketplace in poland. add by shadowmaker

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