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Language and Useful Phrases

Help File
Polish language is very difficult to pronounce, anyway we'll be very, very happy to hear you trying.
  • Good morning - Dzień dobry
  • Hi - Cześć
  • Sorry/Excuse me - Przepraszam
  • Please - Proszę
  • Beer - Piwo
  • Thank you - Dziękuję
  • Thanks - Dzięki
  • Good bye - Do widzenia
  • Bye - Cześć
  • See you - Na razie

Here are some hints how to pronounce Polish words, without getting a knot in the tongue:
· all vocals (a, e, i, o, u) are spoken very open like the English after, Jen, in, often
· o with sign on top is the same as u, pronounced like the English „oo” in school
· w is like in the English word or like in valid; before t pronounce it like f
· s is very sharp, like in same
· z is very soft, like zebra
· c sounds similar to the an English ts or c in circumstances
· si, ci, zi and ś, ć, ż : Find a Pole!!!
· h, ch: try to cough! It’s stronger than the English h
· sz is like English
· cz is like in football-match
· ą, ę: Try to sound very French!
· j like in yellow
· ź is the same as rz, similar to the English giraffe, but softer
· ł similar to the English w

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