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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

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Restaurants, Supermarkets, Street Food, Local Specialties ...

food in Poland.....

first of all - if you dont have lot of money and you want to check our traditional food (just little bit worse than at home, but it is normal), go to ´Bar Mleczny´ - milk bar. you can meet many interesting people there, but be ready to meet also people who could ask you to buy them something to eat :(

typical food:
“Bigos” - cabbage&sauerkraut with sausages and mushrooms
“Pierogi” – sort of stuffed dumplings (“leniwe”or “z serem”=with cream and sugar; ”ruskie”=with a mixture of potatoes and cottage cheese;“z kapusta”=with cabbage)
soups - barszcz (red beet soup), pomidorowa (tomato soup), ogorkowa (cucumber soup), krupnik (porridge soup), zurek (good one but I cannot explain)
“Nalesniki” – Pancakes with all sorts of fillings (“jagodami”=blueberries;”truskawkowe”=strawberries; ”pikantne”=with onions,meat and tomato sauce; “malinowe”= raspberries; “z miesem”=with meat;“z lody”=with icecream;”z serem”=with cottage cheese, sugar and cream-sweet!)
“Placki ziemniaczane” – Small “pankaces” made from potatoes. Usually served with cream and sugar
“Pyzy” – Rolls made from something like pizza-dough. Served with different sauces, spicy or sweet
“Surowka” – mainly cabbage salad but there are many combinations but always from fresh vegetables
“zapiekanka” - which is called by foreigners ´pizza bread´ and this is our typical fast food, but you also can buy kebap, pizza, hamburger - especially during the weekend nights.
and dont forget about ´oscypki´ - sheep cheese made by our high landers - to buy mainly on street in mountains region or in big cities.
smacznego (bon apetit).

drinks: in general we drink lot of tea and coffee (most popular is instant and ´turkish´)
from alcohol most usual is beer and we have many many good beers, but not as in Belgium with some very specific tastes. good beer could be Zywiec, Lech, Fortuna (dark - similar to beer with coca-cola), Redds (apple beer), in pubs you can also order beer with concentrat-juice.
oryginaly from Poland you can find Zubrowka, which is very special Polish vodka and some honey-alcohol.

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