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Help File
Peru is a very large country, with a very complex geography: narrow coast, mighty Andes in the middle, and vast Amazon region. So, if you see a city not so far away from Lima, it does not mean you will get there quickly.

If you want to go to the main cities in the Amazon basin, you will have to fly there, as there are no roads in most cases (only rivers).
Besides that, you can reach any city by bus. Please ask first how long does it take and add 2 hours to what they say (just in case :).
It might be better if you do an apropiate combination of air and bus travel, specially if you are short on time and/or money. Of course bus costs 1/3 of air travel.

Just to give you an idea:
- Lima-Arequipa: 14 hours
- Lima-Ayacucho: 9 hours
- Arequipa-Cusco: 9 hours
- Lima-Cusco: 22 hours

There are flights and connections from Lima to all the main cities of Peru except for Huancayo, Huaraz and Ica, where you can go by road using inter-provincial buses. Always make reservations in advance. If it is not high season, it will be very easy to get air tickets for the following day.

Main airlines:
LAN Peru (
TACA Peru (
TANS (state owned) (
Aero Condor (

Re-confirm your trip ahead of time. For domestic flights: 48 hours in advance; for international flights: 72 hours in advance.

Lima Airport:
Phone: +51 1 595-0666

Airport tax (T.U.U.A.)
Domestic flights: USD 5
International flights:: USD 29
Payment to be made in cash before boarding the flight.

Inter-provincial buses
The inter-provincial bus routes covers all destinations in Peru, except for certain cities in the Jungle (no roads, just rivers). Inquire about the comfort levels available depending on the fare paid; and whether or not the service is non-stop (VERY important).

You must be very careful with your personal belongings while on route.

Always pay the highest fare for better buses beacause of safety reasons, as accidents in the roads are common for unsafe and cheap bus lines.

- Cruz Del Sur (
- Oltursa
- Movil Tours

It is recommended for safety reasons that taxis should be from taxi companies (which are requested by phone) or those authorized by the municipalities (in Lima they are painted yellow with a lighted sign over the roof).

Taxi meters are not used in Peru, therefore the price must be negotiated before going into the taxi. Ask where you are staying about the average fares to your destination. No tips are normally given to taxi drivers.

At airports, it is advisable to hire the services of taxis authorized by the management authority.

Urban buses (the most economical alternative) are of the colors and numbers assigned for the specific route. Most of them travel long treks and they may turn out to be uncomfortable. Inquire before taking them; and do not take them too late at night.

The tourist rail service covers three routes:
Puno - Cusco- Puno
Cusco - Ollantaytambo - Machu-Picchu

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