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Money and Costs

Help File
There are two currencies in Peruvian economy: Nuevos Soles (S/) and US dollars. US dollars are accepted almost everywhere.

Exchanging Money
The exchange rate is currently S/3.30 per USD (Oct 2005).

In Lima you will find lots of ATMs everywhere. You can choose to withdraw US Dollars or Peruvian Soles.

There is an ATM in the airport, located right before passing through customs. It is much safer to withdraw money there before going to the "public" area of the airport.

Outside Lima, expect ATMs in main cities, mainly near the main plaza of the town. Be aware that the further you go from main cities, the less ATMs you will find.

Credit Cards
The most popular one is defintely VISA, but Master Card and American Expess are also accepted.

- The person that carries your bags at the airport usually have a per item rate. You should ask him first. If not, 5 soles I guess is ok.
- Restaurants and cafes charge 10% for services, but this does not include the tip. You are expected to leave an additional 10% for the waiter.
- Taxi drivers are not used to receive tips.

Always, and I mean always, bargain with the taxi driver before you get on a taxi.
In food and indian markets, you are also expected to bargain.

1 bottle 0.5lt Coke = S/2.0
1 bottle 0.5lt water = S/1.5 - 2.0
1 hour at internet cafe = S/3.0
1 public transportation ticket = S/1.2
1 meal at lunch (menu) = S/5 - 7.0
1 capuccino at nice place = S/6.0
1 McDonalds Combo = S/13.0
average taxi rate = S/5.0
taxi from Miraflores to downtown Lima = S/8.0

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