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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

Help File
Peruvian cuisine has great reputation, and is always included in the top 5 list of the best in the world.
Peruvians are very aware of this, and if we are proud of anything, it is certainly our food. Every region has its own special dishes and specialties, depending on the nearness of the ingredients.
There is also a wide variety of cuisines. Italian and chinese are the most popular ones (of course). You can also easily find well known fast food brands if you don't like real food :)
Vegetarians: I must warn you it is not that easy to find a great variety of vegetarian meals. However, the usual solutions are salads everywhere.

Local Specialties
Just to name a few:
- Seafood (specially in the coast): Ceviche, tiradito, Pulpo al olivo (octopus in olive cream), Shrimps, etc.
- Creole food: Aji de Gallina, Arroz con Pollo, Papa a la Huancaina, Anticuchos, etc.
- Fast food: Bembo's hamburgers ( This deserves a special mention and encouragement for you to try it out. The most tasteful and innovative burguer ever. You will always remember it, and never regret it! (just don't eat it after 11pm).
- Deserts: whatever with lucuma and chocolate (best combination ever), Picarones, Suspiro a la limeña, etc.
- Fruits: Lucuma (a MUST!), sauco, aguaymanto, etc.
- Drinks: Pisco Sour, Algarrobina, Inca Kola :), etc.

All supermarkets sell prepared food per Kg.
-Wong (, excellent quality of products and excellent service. I'm quiet sure you will never be in a better supermarket. (It's also a very well known and interesting business management case study, so ask if you are curious.)
-Metro, same owners as Wong, but much cheaper and bigger.
-Santa Isabel, also pretty good.
-Plaza Vea, same owners as Santa Isabel, much cheaper and bigger, better quality than Metro.

Street Food
Don't recommend this at all. Very unsafe!

The best meal can be found in the neigbour's kitchen, and maybe that's the reason there are so many small diners who offer great value "Menu" for lunch. It often includes an entree, main dish, dessert, juice and bread for 5 soles.

If you want to try something fancy, there is plenty to choose from: Astrid y Gaston (best in town for Andean-Mediterranean fussion), Rafael, Punta Sal (Seafood), Salon Capon (Chinese-peruvian a.k.a. "chifa"), etc, etc.

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