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Off the Beaten Path and Insider Tips

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Many tourists and travellers focus on the west of the country. This is the part we call Randstad, the urban part of the country. At the same time this is a part of the country that's under the sealevel. So probably not such a good choice?
In this area you can find the four biggest cities of the country: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag. These four cities are all very different, even though they are pretty close to each other. You'll find out that Amsterdam is really the tourist centre, Rotterdam is the city of the working people (there is a big port) and very modern in architecture. Utrecht is a students city and last but not least, Den Haag is a city with many contrasts. It is the city of the government and the queen, but at the same time also for many people from lower social classes.
In the Randstad you can also find cute towns like Delft. But, the Netherlands have much more to offer!
Many dutch people celebrate their hollidays in Zeeland (north sea cost), in Drenthe and Limburg (especially for biking in nature) or in Friesland (especially for sailing and other watersports. These regions have all many natural beauty (except if you like mountains of course) and many nice and old towns.

hotspots in the countryside: Veere (in Zeeland), very nice old village, Enkhuizen (close to Amsterdam) nice old fishing village and Giethoorn (in Overijssel) which is also known as the Dutch Venice. Many more nice places are around, but maybe you'd better ask someone who is living in the region you want to visit. At least, remember that the Netherlands have much more to offer than smoking marihuana and Amsterdam!

Edited byessely on 13.01.2007

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