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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

Help File
Restaurants, Supermarkets, Street Food, ... There are several restaurants in Ulan Bbatar. You can eat mongolian food, but I can not recommand any place, because I'm vegetrain and mongolian food is nothing for vegetarian people.... but the mongolian milktee is very nice, it's called suetechai, it's tea with milk and salt and very nice and it costs between 80 and 100 Tugrik. the potatoe salat is one of the best i ever ate and also the carrotsalat (with lost of garlic) is very special! There are also several other Asian restaurants in Ulan baatra, a lot of korean and chinese food. There is one realy nice chinese restaurant next to the flower center (near the tuerkish embassy). The have an english menue, it's cheap there and the food tastes like real chinese food- very good. You can sit in small cabins there, a realy nice atmosphere.

Local specialities
The national drink is airag, it is made of mares milk, preferably white mare because they are supposed to give the best milk.
It has about the same alcohol content as beer and is drinken in the same way. The smell is dough and the taste is different from different places, but anyway sour youghurtlike.

The story of the milk
Every day the nomads milk their cows. At first they boil the milk for a while in the big wook like pan that is an optional tool in every ger. When the milk is boiled they drink from it.
The rest is putted aside for some 12 hours to become dried cream. This is used as bread spread, sometimes with sugar. And a delicios dessert is made by mixing the cream with flour and sugar and fry it.
Now they heat up the cream, mix it with som old yoghurt and put it away for some time again. This is how they get new youghurt and it is a mild and nice one. Eat it with some sugar or wild berries.
Again, the youghurt is boiled until most of the water is gone. They put it in a bag of cloth and place something heavy on top to squeeze out the rest of the water. The yoghyrt is now a solid, sour tasting piece that is sliced with thread. It has become sour milk curd.
Finally it is dryed to stone hard in the sun. The dryed milk curd. This one is almost impossible to bite. If you dip in your milk tea it will become a little bit better but still quite strange.

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