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Culture and Conduct or Local Customs

Help File
On the internet and in the Lonely Planet it is listed a lot of rules for how to behave in a ger. I found some of them wrong, some less important and some very true. Here is what I found out my self:

sleep with the head to the altar and the feet to the door.
recieve bowls with both hands.
Give a knife with the handle toward the reciever
Dont sit on the threshold
Dont put dishes on someones bed
When offered food and drinks, taste some, if ever so little, and then leave it if you dont want more.

An ovoo is a pile of stones or branches, often with blue scarfes. If you walk clockwise around it 3 times, and throw a stone each round, you can make a wish or a pray for each stone.

Men might offer you a snuff bottle. Take the bottle in one hand, use the other to get some snuff out with the little spoon that is atached to the lid and put it between your thomb and first finger on the hand that is holding the bottle. Then snuff it into your nose. It is like incense.

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