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If you do not want to stay with other HC members, or noone is available, here is what other members suggest. Hostels Hotels Camping Other Options There are several guesthouses and hotels in Ulan Baatar. The price for a guesthouse is always between 3,50 and 5 US Dollar a night. The nicest guesthouse I got to know here is Idres guesthouse. The have two buildiungs, one near the main bus terminal and one in the center (if you stand infront of the department store go right behind the department store, than turn left an go the small way, the second house is the house where Idres Guesthouse is, third floor). People of Idres Guesthouse are all one big familiy and they are so friendly and will help you as much as possible. Also if you're not staying there it's just nice to go there if you want to ask something. One night at Idre's costs 3,50$. They also have a homepage with information about accomodation, visa, trips etc.: Another central Guesthouse, where people are friendly is UB Guesthouse, it's 4 $ included breakfast.... but i would prefere Idres! Another exellent place to stay is Daka guest housse, e-mail: and tel 976-21-252390 They have 2 to 4 beds in each room, wiuth lots of space and they serve exellent breakfasts and can give lots of advices on travel In the summer you can do camping everywhere... just take a tent with you or rent a tent at a guesthouse. I went to the countryside in the winter and it's also possible to stay at a jurte of people for a nigth or two..... because it's just about hospitality, you just can knock at a jurte and people would invite you for tea, something to eat and you can also ask if you can stay for the night... it's theire culture. but don't forget to be kind and nice and show resepct to the culture, so it'll stay like this!

some hotels , Summer 2007
You find in Khovd the Khovd Hotel which offers accomodation at 3000 Tugrik a night. This is in the center city, near the state theatre building.
In Bayan Ulgii there is the Duman Hotel (lux rooms at 12.000 Tugrik) and the Basteau Hotel, with rooms at 5000 Tugriks. Both are located near the concert hall in the center city. The Basteau is also mentioned in the Lonely Planet. At summer times you can also find a tourist ger camp between middle of June until September.
In Altai hot there is the Altai Hotel near the market, and if you speak some mongolian you can demand the non-tourist price of 12.000 for a half lux room (with shower and toilet) and 8000 for basic comfort.
In Bayanhongor you find the Ayanchin Hotel and two others at the east end of the main road. The Ayanchin offers a basic room at 8000 and a full lux room (with hot water) for 15.000

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