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Official Country Name: Capital: Ulaan Baataar Population: 2,5 Million (around 1 Million are living in the capital with it's suburbs) ; 85% of the Population are mongolian people, the other people are ethnic groups, people from Kasachstan, Russia, China,.... Telephone Code: 00971 Time Zone: GMT - 6 (western) GMT-7 (central) Area: 1,566 Million km Language(s):main language is mongilian language, of course,... the older genration also learned russian in school, the jounger generation is learning english in school Ethnic Groups:Durwut, Bajat, Buriat, Daringana, Dsachtschin, Turgut, Öölt, Oirat Highest Mountain: A 4200 meters peak near Hovd President/Head of State: Enhbataar Government: democratic, at the moment the kommunist party is the strongest Currency: Tugrik (bank note,s if you once will get a coin you have realy good luck, because people almost never get them) Exchange Rate: US$1=1200 Tugrik ; 1 Euro=1550 Tugrik Health Risks:no special ones, don't drink water from the public water supply or cook it before. in the winter you can catch a cold very easy, because of the wind, so dress yourself very warm... if you don't have enough warm winterclothes you will find them on the black market (naranthul zach) - Climate is very rough - -20°C in the winter, +40 during summertime Electricity: 220V, in the capital yes, on the countryside no Weights & Measures: Meters, Kilograms Country Name in other languages: Mongolei (German) Монгол Улс (Mongolian)

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