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Basic Facts

Help File
Official Country Name: Republic of Moldova
Capital: Chisinau (pronounced Kishinow)
Population: 4.4 million
Telephone Code: +373
Time Zone: GMT +02:00 Area: 33.700 sq km
Language(s): Moldovan, a Romanian accent and Russian
Ethnic Groups: Moldovans 65%, Russians 14%, Ukrainians 12%, others 9%
Highest Mountain: a hill of a bit more than 400 m
President/Head of State: Voronin
Government: Communists (70%)
Currency: Moldovan Leu (pl: Lei)
Exchange Rate: US$1 ~ 12 Lei
Health Risks: not sure...
Electricity: the problems of some years ago seem to be solved, though problems between Spanish provider and government resulted in turn-offs three times in November 2004 in my town next to Chisinau!
Weights & Measures: metric system
Country Name in other languages:Republica Moldova, Republik Moldau

Edited bymart_o-cloc on 29.11.2004

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