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Basic Facts

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Official Country Name: Estados Unidos Mexicanos ( United Mexican States)
Country Name in other languages: Dutch: Mexico, Finnish: Meksiko, French: Mexique, Italian: Messico, Hindi: Maxico.
Capital: Mexico City (Mexico Distrito Federal or D.F. in Spanish)
Population: 108,700,000 hab(2006 estimate)
Telephone Code: +52
Time Zone: GMT-06:00 (Most of Mexico is on Central Standard Time in Winter) GMT -7 (Sonora, Baja California Sur and several other states in the northwest are on Mountain Time), GMT/UTC -8 (Baja California Norte is on Pacific Standard Time)
Area: 1.964.382 sq km
Language(s): Spanish, and about 50 Prehispanic Languages such as Nahuatl, Mayan, Mixe-Zoque, etc..
Ethnic Groups: Approximately 60% mestizo or Latino (mixed Hispanic and Amerindian descent), 30% Amerindian (indígena - including Mayan, Aztec, Toltec, Huichol, Zapotec, Mixtec, Tarahumara, Zoque, Cora, Mayo, Otomi, Totonac, Tarascos or Purépecha), and 10% other
Religion: 90% Roman Catholic, 6% Protestant, 4% other
Highest Mountain: Pico de Orizaba "Citlaltepetl" (5743 m)
Electricity: 120V AC
Weights & Measures: International System (MKS- Meter Kilogram Second)
Currency: Mexican Peso MXN
Exchange Rate: US$1= mx$11.30 (26/04/2004)
Government: Federal Republic
President/Head of State: Felipe Calderón
Health Risks: Mallaria in the south; Eyes Infection and allergies (due to air pollution) in Mexico City, waterborne diseases if you drink tap water.
Major Industries:Tourism, Food and beverages, tobacco, chemicals, iron and steel, petroleum, mining, textiles, clothing, motor vehicles, consumer durables.
Major Trading Partners:USA, Canada, Japan, Germany

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