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Nightlife and Entertainment

Help File
1.Pulkvedim neviens neraksta ( called just “Pulkvedis”)
address: Peldu iela 26/28
Best days there – thursdays (rnb) and fridays (rock+disco music).
Public – simple, easy going people aged 18-26 ( I guess)

Very close to Pulkvedis. About 1 minute walk ;)
More fancy, more expensive but very nice as well !
Fancy public, aged about 20-40.
Good DJs and music.

3. Pupu lounge ( translation – lounge of Breasts)
It`s all about breasts. Design, waitresses and everything. Good music also.
It`s also 1 minute walk from Nautilus un 2 minutes from Pulkvedis.

4. Essential (address Skolas iela 2)
A club out of old town but in the centre as well. It could be about 15 minutes walk from 3 clubs above.
This is a real club in the real meaning of the word. The biggest and one of the most popular club in Riga. Real club music. Real clubbers. Mostly thursday, friday and saturday.

4.Hedonia55. Very near to Reval Hotel Latvia.
Famous bartenders. Good coctails. Nice interier. Good music and friendly atmosphere.

Cafe`s, bars:

1. Very nice place to have dinner or just hang out is „Vairāk saules” ( in translation – more sun) it is located Dzirnavu street 60 - very near to Reval Hotel Latvia.
Very good design, interesting public, international menu, good food (pizzas and many more), great coctail menu.

2.In the very center is a huge glass building – Reval Hotel Latvia.

On 26th floor is a bar called Skyline. You can not have dinner there but you definately can have your drink and a great view from the window. Specially in the evenings. You have to go there and see! (They have toilets with glass walls;)
3. Cafe Cuba - very new and fashionable pub in the old town at the Dome square.
Good DJ`s thursdays until saturdays. Excellent mojitos and charming Cuba atmosphere.

4. The best coffee in Riga is in Coffee Nation-

Amusement center every Riga visitor should see:
All the information you can get on their website. I was surprised how good it is. You can find out almost everything you could be interested about.
Here is our national food, interier and many interesting things to do and see.

The SPA center :
Quite wide info in their home page.

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