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Basic Facts

Help File
Official Country Name: The Republic of Latvia (Latvijas Republika)

Country name in other languages:
Lettland (german, Deutsch),
Lettonie (french, Français),
Letonia (spanish, Español),
Letónia (portuguese, Português)

Population (2002): 2 351 400
Area: 64,589 sq. km

President: Valdis Zatlers,
Prime Minister: Valdis Dombrovskis
Government: Parliament (Saeima)

Capital: Rīga

Largest cities:

Latvian (official),
Russian (widely spoken),
English (common foreign language)
German (sometimes this works, too ;))

Neighbouring countries:
to the north - Estonia,
to the south - Lithuania,
to the east - Belorussia, Russia,

Ethnic Groups (2000):
Latvian (57,6%),
Russian (29,6%),
Belorussian (4,1%),
Ukrainian (2,7%),
Polish (2,5%),
Lithuanian (1,4%),
other (2,1%)

Currency: Lats (abbreviation: Ls or LVL)
Exchange Rate: 1 USD=0,59; 1 EUR=0,69; 1 GBP=1,01 LVL (See current rates at Bank of Latvia)

Telephone Code: +371
Time Zone: +2 GMT
Electricity: 220V / 50Hz
Weights & Measures: grams, meters and liters (metric conversion charts)

For 24 hour information dial: 117, 1188, 7770777

Highest point: Gaizins (311m)
Largest lake: Lubans, 80.7 sq. km
Deepest lake: Dridzis, 65.1 metres
Longest river within Latvian territory: The Gauja, 452 km.
Largest river to flow through Latvian territory: The Daugava, total length 1,005 km, of which 352 km within Latvian territory. But the Gauja with 452 km is the longest river inside the territory of Latvia.

member of the World Trade Organisation (1999),
the European Union (2004) and NATO (2004)

More information you can find at The Latvian institute
General information also here: Latvia / CIA factbook

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