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Culture and Conduct or Local Customs

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The Japanese can be quite shy at first, so even if they can speak English, they may simply pretend not to understand to avoid embarrassing themselves by making a mistake. Because of this, the language barrier may often be there so it's a great idea to master a few catch phrases in Japanese before you go.

A few useful phrases are as follows:
(feel free to correct this if anyone speaks Japanese!)
"Domo Arrigato" (domo are-ee-ga-toe) - "Thankyou"
"Sumimasen" (sue-me-ma-sen) - "Excuse me" (great to use on the train)
"Kore o kudasai" (kor-eh oh kud-a-sigh) - "I'd like this please" (when you are buying something)
"Eigo ga wakarimuska?" (eigo gah wa-ka-ri-mus-ka) - "Do you speak English?"
"Shashin toresete ita taki muska" (sha-shin toreh-set-eh it-ah tah-key-mus-ka) - "May I please take your photograph?"
"Hasijime muste" (hasj-im-ee mus-teh) - "Pleased to meet you!" (complete with a bow!)

Edited byEmiline on 30.12.2004

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