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Have you written a story about a trip to this country? Just paste your text in here and share your experience with ot ISFEHAN: an ancient city with Islamic historical places from 400 years ago and beautiful river (zayande rud) in middle of city with humorous and artist people. You can find gifts for your family here. Distance from Tehran 450 km has all type transportation (air, bus, train). SHIRAZ: the city of Aryan civilization from 2500 years ago ( Perspolice city). With warm and sympathy people and city of flowers and syrups and poets, has hot weather in summer. KASHAN: A ring in middle of desert and history from 3000 years ago with typical ancient house and his non electrical ventilation .distance from Teheran 2.5 hours by car. YAZD: capital of desert with brick-made and muddy house and his ventilation and subterranean canal with hard-working people. TABRIZ: first big city after turkey board with agreeable weather in the summer and cold in winter his bazaar is biggest and most beautiful in the east with kindly people and delicious food and sweet. You can find best manual –made carpet and rug here. Distance from Tehran 600km MASHAD: the holly city and shrine of IMAM REZA with 14 million annual internal tourists. Has all kind of transportation (air train and bus). The city is famous for his fruits and saffron. Distance from Tehran 1000 km. HAMEDAN: The city in foot of ALVAND Mountain and capital of first Iranian tribe (MEDES). Here is ABU ALI SINA (Iranian scientist and medicine from 1000 years ago) city. Have many landscapes like beautiful ALI SADR cave. Distance from Tehran 3or 4 hours by car. CITIES IN THE NORTH (SHOMAL): Cities near the sea and full of the forest with hospitable people and rest site for Tehran people in vacation. The distance of the nearest city if would not be traffic 3 hours, in vacation times 12 hours from Tehran. her members.

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