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Getting there and away, Getting around by Air, Train, Bus, Car, Motorcycle, Boat, Hitchhiking, Bicycle ... Iran Transportation: Railways: total: 7,203 km (2004 est.) broad gauge: 94 km 1.676-m gauge standard gauge: 7,109 km 1.435-m gauge (189 km electrified) Highways: total: 167,157 km (1998 est.) paved: 94,109 km (including 890 km of expressways) unpaved: 73,048 km Waterways: 850 km (on Karun River and Lake Urmia) (2004 est.) Pipelines: condensate/gas: 212 km gas: 16,998 km liquid petroleum gas: 570 km oil: 8,256 km refined products: 7,808 km (2004) Ports and harbors: Assaluyeh, Bushehr Merchant marine: total: 144 ships (1,000 GRT or over) 4,715,242 GRT / 8,240,069 DWT by type: bulk carrier 38, cargo 49, chemical tanker 4, container 14, liquefied gas 1, passenger 1, passenger/cargo 5, petroleum tanker 30, roll on/roll off 2 foreign-owned: 1 (UAE 1) registered in other countries: 8 (2005) Airports: 305 (2004 est.) Airports — with paved runways: total: 127 over 3047m: 39 2438 to 3047m: 25 1524 to 2437m: 26 914 to 1523m: 32 under 914m: 5 (2004 est.) Airports — with unpaved runways: total: 178 over 3047m: 1 1524 to 2437m: 9 914 to 1523m: 129 under 914m: 39 (2004 est.) Heliports: 13 (2004 est.) Iran Air The easiest way for getting in Iran is air! There are many direct flight connections to Mehrabad Int'l Airport (Tehran) from different cities across the world: London - Paris - Milan - Amsterdam - Frankfurt - Hamburg - Koln - Berlin - Zurich - Vienna - Stockholm - Moscow - Kiev - Ankara - Istanbul - Kuwait - Dubai - Damascus - Riadh - Kabul - Islamabad - Beijing - Seoul - Bangkok - New Dehli - ..... I can list some airline companies which operate direct flights to Iran: Lufthansa - Alitalia - Turkish Airlines - KLM - Emirates - Gulf Air - AeroFlot - British Airways. Also Iranian companies: Iran Air - Mahan Air - Caspian Airlines. By the way, some other cities in Iran has few international flights: Mashhad - Shiraz - Bandar Abbas - Esfahan train Unfortunately Railways are not so expanded in Iran, while traveling with train is frequently cheap and comfortable. There are 2 internatiol train routes to Iran. 1) Istanbul-Tehran: Weekly Departure from Istanbul: Wednesday Departure from Tehran: Thursday It takes about 72 hours (so long!) Price: about $50 - one way 2) Damascus-Tehran: Weekly Departure from Damascus: Monday Departure from Tehran: Monday It takes about 64 hours (so long again!) Price: about $41 - one way Both of services run by express sleeping-cars (each coupe for 4 person). Most of train transport in Iran are run by Raja Trains Co. briz - Zahedan. bus Iran has this incredible cheap and fast bus connections between cities. People on the buses will be very gentle ith you and even if they dont speak any of your languages they will try their best to make you confortable and enojy the ride. Iran is a very big country so usualy bus trips take lots of hours but remember if you want to take the train that usually buses are quicker... Roads in Iran are quite safe apart from cities chaotic traffic system of course. But the big roads are highway style and its almost non stop. Water is served in all bus trips. This water comes from ice put in a machine, and 20 in 20 minutes a guy comes with a jar to serv you cold water. In 1st class buses you even have gifts from the bus company.

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