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Basic Facts

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Official Country Name:IRAN
Capital: TEHRAN
Telephone Code:098
Time Zone:4:30
Area:1,648,195 sq km
Ethnic Groups:ARIA
Highest Mountain:Damavand
PresidentHead of State:ahmadinezhad
Government:Islamic Repoblic
Exchange Rate: US$1=about 9000R
Health Risks:no
Electricity:220 v
Weights & Measures:SI(m,kg,sec)
Country Name in other languages:Iran rezashahran (link to My profile), Iran
The Islamic Republic of Iran (Persian: جمهوری اسلامی ايران Jomhūrī-ye Eslāmī-ye Īrān) or simply Iran (ايران Īrān) – officially Persia until 1935, which remains in common use – is a Middle Eastern country located in southwestern Asia. It borders Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan (including its Nakhichevan exclave), and Turkmenistan to the north, Pakistan and Afghanistan to the east, and Turkey and Iraq to the west. In addition, it borders the Persian Gulf across which lie Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. After the second phase of the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the Ayatollah Khomeini helped transform Iran into a constitutional theocratic republic with democratic elements. Shi'a Islam is the official state religion.
Throughout history, Iran has been of great geostrategic importance due to its position between the Middle East, Caucasia, Central Asia, and the Persian Gulf and its proximity to Eastern Europe and Southern Asia. Iran is a member and co-founder of OPEC and is important in international politics due to its large supply of petroleum. The big anniversary include the lustily titled Magnificent Victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran on 11 February, which is the anniversary of Khomeini's coming to power in 1979; the enthusiastically celebrated No Ruz or Iranian New Year (21 to 24 March); and the tear-jerking Heart-Rending Departure of the Great Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran on 4 June, which commemorates the death of Khomeini. holidays of Iran follow the Persian solar calendar, but it's still fall on the same day each year according to the western calendar date. Just about everything that can close will close on a religious holiday, so it's important to know when is our religious holiday. Iran's religious holidays follow the Muslim lunar calendar dates, so the dates according to the western calendar vary year by year. Major events include Ramadan mount, and the birthday of Mohammed. The month of dawn to dusk fasting; Eid-e-Fetr, the one day festival of feasting that marks the end of Ramadan; Ghadir-e-Khom, which commemorates the day that the Prophet Mohammed appointed Emam Ali his successor;

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