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Nightlife and Entertainment

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in the north of tehran ,in the foot of the alborz mountain ,you can find too many special places for rest and enjoy of the charm climate of northern tehran.also there are too many restaurants with good quality of's usual to go there iduring the day and in the nights it's fantastic,because many people from tehran go to darband to get energy after their works. we go there in every weekend ,i mean every friday nights! many young people have benefit from these places.and it doesn't matter that which dress you wore! just you'll have a great time there. night over tehran Send Photo to a Friendin the night ,there is some possibilities to go to the part of tehran called darakeh or darband or some traditional nightclubs that called in farsi "sofreh-khaneh". it might be interesting for each person to visit these places. personaly ,i would really like to go to tehran again and see this place again. Nightlife in Teheran ? Well besides taking walks, going to restaurants etc. we often was at parties in private homes. And as usual nice food was served ! THE PHOTO: ANOTHER MEAL READY TO BE SERVED ! After the dinner at a restaurant maybe the cinema will be an option. Farsi or dubbed into Farsi of course, but a cheap place to rest your feet and enjoy with many others a funny film. 300-700 toman. Friends in Darband Iran is not the place to go out and dance at night, at least not in a club. So, if you are not invited to a party, you should take advantage of being in this city on the foot of the Alborz Mountains. In northern Tehran, just above Tajrish Square and at the beginning of a popular hiking track, is the night spot location called Darband (or Sar-e Band). It is a collection of street-side cafes and open air restaurants that will show you the real side of Iran. In a relax atmosphere, dining on flat benches covered with Kilims, you will be served all kinds of Kababs, Yoghurt drink and dips, and can smoke your ghelyoon (Water pipe) while drinking some real good tea. People are all around you, real Tehranis from all walks of life, taking advantage of their off time, enjoying life with their families, or scores of youth walking around, talking and laughing loud, and sampling the candies and sour delicacies offered by the street side vendors. Iranians stay up late and start late on going out. So, don't expect things to get busy and interesting before 10 PM. Almost all restaurants serve the same quality food. The further up you go, the more chic and expensive they become, and more "modern". I like the midrange ones that have their benches by the water and serve you in their gardens! It is just great! However you like, but if interested in meeting interesting people, don't wear your work clothes or that work jeans. It is a casual place. Shabestan Resturant Do not miss Iranians night in Cultural Resturan with live music you can visit shabestan in Hafez st. also Azari in Gomrok sq.

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