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Help File
Getting there and away
You can get there and away using mostly 4 ways.
The bus station of Athens is not in a very convenient place (kifissos) and you will need to take another bus or a taxi to go in the center of Athens. But buses themselves are not quite good either. You might exprerience quite often a driver smoking in the bus and of course through the air conditioning system the smokes gets to your seat also. Generally they are clean and fast.

They are quite ok but this is only a fact for the trains that are going north of Athens. Do not take the trains of South Greece unless you have to, as you will experience their very low speed, quite dirty and unfriendly staff and huge time lags without any warnings. The train station in Athens, (stathmos Larisis) is in a very good location and it's connected with the city's metro.

The new and quite modern airport of Eleftherios Venizelos is out of Athens and supports national and international flights meeting high quality standards. You can go there using a taxi (just forget it : it will cost you something like 20 euros from the center which can be doubled from the bastard taxi drivers), There are much more better ways to do it. You can use a bus from the center of Athens (sintagma square - get there by the metro) and the ticket costs about 3 euros and from August 2004 a train line will be available and connected to the metro (ticket price is unknown for the moment).

Near Athens in the Piraeus region is the biggest port of Greece. From there you can get ships to visit all the greek islands of the Aegean sea (the sea which connected Greece and Turkey). The port is connected to Athens metro so you will have no problems to get there.
If you are around Athens the best to use is the metro which is quite fast and cheap (single way tickets for 0,7 euros).
Getting around by Air, Train, Bus, Car, Motorcycle, Boat, Hitchhiking
Using a bike in Athens is not a very good idea although if you are very careful you try it. But keep an eye on the car drivers because they won't keep an eye on you. There are no facilities for bicycle riders, like separate ways or traffic lights so don't expect any respect from the drivers who will just beep you as they are behind you. ...

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