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Attractions and Things to See and Do

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Obernkirchen is really small, so I'll just describe the whole region of Schaumburg. Schaumburg is a small region in Niedersachsen (Lower-Saxony), ~ 200 km south of Hamburg, ~ 350 km west of Berlin, ~ 50 km south-west of Hannover. Schaumburg is a little principality, you might know our sovereign prince Fürst Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe from the colourful magazines you sometimes read at the dentist's waiting room. (c; He and his newly-wed princess live in the Castle of Bückeburg which can be visited. It's very beautiful and has been used as a setting for movies and films several times. ( There are very posh home and decoration exhibitions/fairs twice a year, and in the large castle grounds there is the 'Mittelalterlich Spectaculum' held every summer (last 2 weekends in July, check It's the largest medieval festival in Germany with more than 1,000 knights, jugglers and other dressed-up participants. Schaumburg contains several other little market towns with lots of history and timbered houses, like Stadthagen, Obernkirchen (where I live), Rinteln and Bad Nenndorf. (Google them up if you speak German, the homepages unfortunately aren't in English.) Besides strikingly beautiful scenery of peaceful fields and birdhumming woods we also have attractions for every taste and audience. For families there is a great little leisure-park for kids ( and a dinosaurs park (, for people with cultural interest there is a really cool interactive geological museum ( and many little museums of local history in all of the towns. There are classical music concerts in summer, and in August/September there are the 'Erntefeste' (harvesting festivals), another kind of, er..., cultural asset that will appeal to those who like a good drink and party. (c: There is also a nice indoor water-park ( There is an international sandstone sculpture symposium in Obernkirchen every two years where you can watch some of the foremost sculptors perform with the famous local sandstone that comes from the Obernkirchen quarries and has been the rescource for many great buildings allover Europe and even America. Some of the more famous buildings made from it are the Kölner Dom (dome of Cologne), the Siegessäule (victory column) of Berlin, Rosenberg Castle in Copenhagen/Denmark, the Cathedral of Baltimore/USA, the national monument of Belem do Para/Brasil, the White House in Washington D.C./USA (just parts of it I think...) and many, many more, including most of the beautiful buildings of the Weserrenaissance, a peculiar regional style of architecture. (For more information on the symposion check The next one will be in 2008.) You can get here by car on the A2 (junctions Bad Eilsen or Bad Nenndorf) or by train (stations at Bückeburg, Stadthagen and Bad Nenndorf).

Edited byLenaausobernkirchen on 01.08.2007

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