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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

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Restaurants, Supermarkets, Street Food, Local Specialties ...
Best pizza in town is served in "Il Casolare". Always crowded but cozy place in anarchist style, near U-Kottbusser Tor, Grimmstraße 30. Better reserve a table in advance, Tel: 69506610.
has a new much larger branch in Prenzlauer Berg at Senefelder Platz which also always relly crowded
Cafe Morgenrot Veg(etari)an breakfast until 3 pm tue-sun. Alternative, anarchist place, Kastanienallee 85.
best burger and fries (bio and vegan/vegetarian!), everybody - also the meat-eaters - I brought there loved it: YELLOW SUNSHINE in the Wienerstr. - U Görlitzer Bahnhof
BAIZ "Kultur- und Schankwirtschaft" Torstr. / Christinenstr.
Cafe Schmidt in Wedding. cheap cafe-bar in an altered west-berlin traditional pub style. free pool and tablefootball. Warm meals are served friday night. Sunday brunch buffet for € 3,5. Schererstr. 11.

sushi bar (corner Solmsstrasse/Bergmannstrasse), THE BEST! Eating there or for take-away, it's the most fresh, delicious and affordable Sushi I know.
For a pseudo-Scandinavian feeling and a proper meal Munch's Hus(Bülowstr. 34) is the place to drop by....
For a less classy drink (such as the Hamburgian beer called Astra) in a Kreuzberg neighbourhood and some noisy rock in the background, drop by Poerx (Fuehrbringer Str. 29, U7-Gneisenaustrasse)
The perfect cup of coffee: Barcomi's! (Sofienstr. 21 and Bergmannstr. 21). Forget about Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts and all the others.

White Trash Fast Food. You get what you read. Enjoy Fuck-You-Fries or an delicious Your-Oma-Was-In-The-SS-Pie. The interiour is a crude blend of chinese red laquer and pirats (oh yes indeed) – just marvellous and one of my favourites. The food is good, the friedly, english-speaking staff looks like a bunch of alcoholics, sometimes they have or even a party. Go there! and if you feel brave enough after the third pint of there home-made beer – they have a tattoo-studio right round the the corner. Tadschikische Teestube. Very relaxing: Have a russian tea ceremony wiht samowar and stuff on pillows. Nice location, quite central. Ex Oriente Lux Similar, but really good. Try to get the tent! Sometimes they overdo it with the oriental thing. Result: cheesy 1000roses- nights. But hey, who's not into that! Green Mango. Well, Karaoke. But this little place has the charme of a Thai hotel bar. And looks really genuine, due to the fact that the half of the patrons are actually thai. Anyway, it's good fun, they have friendly staff, innumerous songs and going to Neukölln by night gives you fame. Berliner Eckkneipen Berlin is famous for it's 'corner bars'. There you'll find open-minded, internationally thinking people, having „one or two beers“ after a day of writing hugely creative presentations. ... Not really. You'll find mostly sad fuckers having many beers. But some say (including me) that this is a chunk of the real Berlin. I go there with friends, if we want to have something else. Start in my neighbourhood, around Osloer Straße/Prinzenallee. There are lots and lots of Eckkneipen. Sonntagsstraße When you get out of the S-Bahnhof-Ostkreuz you find the cheapest Pizzas in town. for only two Euro you get a big Pizza which tastes well.
Cafe Bilderbuch:
Schöneberg is the always forgotten district. used to be the queer quatier, and has still some cosy corners! walk down the Akazienstrasse for colourful shopping with personality and stop at the Cafe Bilderbuch. The BIG and cheap breakfast is served till 5p.m.!

Vegan restaurants If you are vegan in Berlin you wont starve. There are a lot of delicious possibilities! For example the vegan burger shop yoyo foodworld in Gärtnerstraße 16. And a lot more you can find here:

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