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Getting there and away:

Getting around by:

Train:Some 4.5 million people travel on more than 30,000 passengers trains operated daily, around the clock, on a 35,000 km (22,000 mi) network. So hop on and off just as you wish and enjoy the amnesties of the train ride!

German long-distance trains are amongst the fastest and most convenient in the world, travelling at speeds up to 300 km/h (190 mph). The InterCity InterCity Express (ICE) trains usually provide an hourly (or more frequent) service between cities. There are also EuroCity (EC) and ICE International trains that travel from within Germany to the neighboring countries (and even further).

Regional trains provide services within cities, to suburban areas or to smaller towns. There is a variety of trains:

  • Regional Express and InterRegio Express trains usually connect cities and large towns with rather little stops in between
  • RegionalBahn trains also serve smaller towns and usually serve all stops on the track
  • S-Bahn suburban train services provide fast transportation within the cities and to suburban areas with very frequent stops in between

There are plenty of good railway ticket deals to make railway travel even more affordable. If you'd like to go a bit on long-distance trains, one of the numerous RailPass offers might be worth a look. You will get a 25 or even 50 percent discount just if you book at least three days in advance (subject to availability, some conditions apply). Any further traveller on that ticket will only pay half of the first person. And if you travel in a group of six or more, there are group ticket deals, saving you up to 70 percent off the regular price! You could also travel on regional trains with the Happy Weekend Ticket. Up to five people can travel on this 30-Euro ticket on all regional trains in Germany on Saturday or Sunday. If you don't mind to travel about twice the time you'd need on a long-distance train, without its amnesties, this is your thing. Similar tickets are available for most of the 16 states for travelling within a state.

Have a look at for Prices and Timetables (available in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish). If you have any questions on railway travel in Germany, just talk to HC member bigbug21

Hitchhiking: Hitchhiking is a good way to travel in Germany. ( might help you to find good locations in cities.) On the highway "Raststätten" (service areas) with petrol stations are best.

If you are willing to share the fuel expenses with the driver, then you can go by "Mitfahrgelegenheit" (agency for arranged lifts). It became very common in the last years and is a very easy and cheap way to travel between cities. There is no service charge for the agency and everyhting is done by internet and phone directly between the people. .(less used and less user friendly is

Air Several cheap airlines are operating across europe, but booking in advance is essential to get the bargains. See the according websites: Air Berlin, Germanwings, Hapag Lloyd Express, Ryan Air.
For a list of the airports to which the cheap airlines are flying to and coming from. CheapFlightsMap This is an interactive flash, which lets you combine destination and departure place and vice versa.

Bus Due to the extensive rail network, travelling by bus is not so common in Germany.

Car, Motorcycle, Boat, , Bicycle ...

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