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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

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Restaurants, Street Food, Local Specialties ...

You will find the cheapest prices at the discounters Aldi, Lidl, Plus and Norma with branches nearly everywhere throughout Germany.

If you visit Bavaria don't miss to try the bavarian beer. It is famous all around the world. You should try the traditional bavarian breakfast which consist of white sausage, white beer (a beer which is brewed by using yeast and has a strong but sweet taste) brezel (pretzel; the brown winded kind of bread) and sweet mustard and the typicall bavarian cheese spread called "Obatzter".

Northern Germany:
If you come to visit the North of Germany don't miss the famous marzipan which is made in Lübeck. The firm that offers the traditional and best marzipan in Lübeck is called "Niederegger." Actually marzipan was invented in Lübeck.
If you visit the west coast of germany buy some fresh shrimps, peel them and eat them with fresh bread while bathing your feets in the ocean...

Southern Germany:
Some examples of famous southern German food are Maultaschen, which are kind of a big Suebian ravioli. A Maultasche is a pasta cushion filled with meat and herbs, which is the traditional filling. There are also fillings like salmon, cheese and spinach to be found. Another kind of noodles are the Suebian Spätzle, a kind of thick noodles made of egg and flour, which can be found as a side dish to meat or sausages and sour lentils. They are also offered as a dish called Kässpätzle which are Spätzle baked with cheese and fried onions.

In the region Hesse, especially Odenwald you can eat Handkäs mit Musik, which is a cheese accompanied by onions and vinegar. The onions and vinegar are called Musik, which means music, because eating this combination can cause music out of your belly. There is also Kochkäs mit Musik which is a cooked soft cheese with onions and vinegar. Both cheese dishes usually come with bread and butter. Try also Äppelwoi, the famous apple wine. You can drink it sour mixed with sparkling water, sweet mixed with lemonade or just pure.

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