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Getting there and away

Tallinn International Airport (TLL) at
Lennujaama 2, Tallinn 11101 (ph. +372 605 8701), just 4 km from downtown Tallinn
Daily flights: 9 from Helsinki, 4 from Stockholm, 4 from London, 6 from Frankfurt, 2 from Berlin etc.

Kuressaare Airport (URE) at
Roomassaare tee 1, Kuressaare 93 815 (ph. +372 45 30 313, email, 3 km from Kuressaare town in Saaremaa
Daily flights to Tallinn. Flights to Ruhnu (small Estonian island) and Stockholm.

Tartu Airport (TAY) at
Tõrvandi, Ülenurme vald 61715 (ph. +372 73 09 210, email, 10 km from Tartu
Flights: Riga and Stockholm.

To Tallinn from Helsinki, Stockholm, St. Petersburg
To Paldiski from Kapellskär
There are lots of ferries connecting the main land to the islands. Booking must be made in summer when it's high time for tourism.

Unlike in most European countries, trains are relatively slow but cheap in Estonia.
From Tallinn it is possible to go to those cities by train: Narva, Tartu, Pärnu, Viljandi, Rapla, Valga and some smaller towns. Tallinn-Tartu is the fastest and has free wireless internet in 1st class. There are plans to create a connection between Tallinn and Riga in 2010 – currently you have to wait near the border some hours for transfer).
More information: and

It’s also possible to get to St Petersburg from Tallinn.
More information:

By bus you can go almost everywhere in Estonia. They are faster than trains, but more expensive.
More information:
Information about international bus routes: and

Cars and Motorcycles
Cars and motorcycles are the best to get around here. Estonian roads are in good condition.
All road construction is done in summer time, because of our climate, so you should expect lots of speed limits and traffic diverts in summer.

Hitchhiking is common in Estonia. It is also safe (at least safer than in most countries). That doesn't mean that one can hop on to any car that stops.

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