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Money and Costs

Help File
Currency is DKK, Danish Kroner (& øre) og Danish Crowns

Exchanging Money There are ATM machines in big cities, but the best way to get money is when you buy something, then you can get extra money.

Say you buy something for 56Kr. then just ask the person if you can get say 300 (up to 3000) over. Most danish people do this with their National credit card "Dankort" if they need some change.

I'm not 100% sure if this works with Visa's and other foreign creditcards but it should work...

Credit Cards Visa is most videly used, a few (big) places take American Express and Mastercard.

Tipping Probably something like 10-20% always hard to answer this question.

Bargaining Depends where you are, bargaining probably only works if you go to a market or buy expensive electronics

Costs Oh Denmark is probably a bit expensive, I was traveling through Slovenia, and they had some cheap stuff, compared to here.

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