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Being from EU(european union) you don't need visa, but that's important: you need to registrate in the police in 24 hours. I say this because of my own experience: I was in the bus station waiting to take a bus to leave the country, a police came to me asking the passport, and he arrested me because was my second day in croatia and i didnt register myself. So I had to spend one night in the detention center, and the next day I had to go to court. The judge forgave me the fine but I had to pay 40 euros to the translator (for only 5 minutes of translation!!). So i recommend you to register, if you go to an hotel or hostel they register you automatically, but thats not the point of hopitality club!! If u are not from EU I dont know if you need a visa.

Edited bybrigadistak on 27.05.2006

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