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Help File
Getting there and away, Getting around by Air, Train, Bus, Car, Motorcycle, Boat, Hitchhiking, Bicycle...
Dear visitors: there are a couple of interesting facts in regards to transportation in Costa Rica.
NUMBER ONE - many of our streets and avenues do have names and numbers, however, for some reason most of us don't know them. Instead, we use "physical signs" to give directions. For instace, a typical direction on how to get to the National Museum would be "In downtown San José, more or less 1km east of the National Theater" (and this is an easy one). To face this issue, a very easy thing to do is to take a cab, which brings us to...
fact NUMBER TWO - cabs are very cheap, but you should be aware that "legally licensed cabs" will have a yellow triangle painted on both of the front doors;
Inside the cab there should be a meter with little red numbers, and the driver should activate the meter when you get into the cab and not before.
Some cab trips have a set rate. For instance, from the Juan Santamaría Intl Airport to downtown San José the fair is about $17USD, or between 8mil and 9mil colones, but no more than that.
NUMBER THREE - the buses inside the city are easy yet difficult. It is easier and faster to just take a cab, unless you do the same route several times a week, in which case it is better to learn where to take the bus, when and how much it will cost you.
The buses from San José to most of the other places outside the city -including beaches and provinces- are usually quite efficient. It is only a matter of knowing which is the right bus for your destination, schedule, fair etc.
For any asistance in transportation please contact any of the local volunteers of HC Costa Rica.

Edited bychiri on 12.02.2006

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