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Visa and Documents and Embassies

Help File
Who needs a visa? How to get it? Embassies & Consulates, of the country abroad and in the country Visa Information The Citizens of the following countries do not need a visa to enter Colombia as a tourist for up 180 days: ANDORRA ANTIGUA Y BARBUDA ARGENTINA AUSTRIA AUSTRALIA BAHAMAS BARBADOS BELGIUM BELICE BOLIVIA BRAZIL CANADA CHILE CHIPRE COREA COSTA RICA DENMARK DOMINICA ECUADOR EL SALVADOR FINLAND FRANCE GERMANY GRANADA GRECE GUATEMALA GUYANA HONDURAS ICELAND INDONESIA ISRAEL ITALY JAMAICA JAPAN LICHTENSTEIN LITUANIA LUXEMBURG MALASIA MALTA MEXICO MONACO NEW ZELAND NORWAY PAIS BAS PANAMA PARAGUAY PERU PHILIPINES PORTUGAL ROMANIA SAN MARINO SANTA LUCIA SINGAPUR SLOVAC REPUBLIC SN VICENTE GRANADINAS SPAIN ST. KITTS Y NEVIS SWEDEN SWITZERLAND TRINIDAD & TOBAGO UNITED KINGDOM URUGUAY USA VENEZUELA TOURIST VISA This visa is issued to individuals who travel for pleasure to Colombia without the purpose of establishing permanent domicile in it. The tourist or visitor is not allowed to earn any salary or payment in Colombia and can not apply for any other visa once in the country. All visitors to Colombia must have in their possesion a valid passport, return tickets, as well as proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay whilst in the country. Currently, Australian and New Zeland passport holders do not require a visa as tourist or visitor, as a permit to remain in the country is issued upon entry into Colombia Requirements: Complete the Visa Application Form (Two copies) Three (3) recent colour photos (3x3 cm) Valid passport for at least two years Letter of invitation from a Colombian national, staying the telephone number and address in Colombia of the sponsor in Colombia. Or the confirmation of the hotel in Colombia, Proof of economic solvency. Photocopy of the return ticket - once the visa is approved - Cover the cost of the visa. Please check with the Consulate of Colombia prior to forwarding Bank check or Money Order, as the fee is fixed according with the exchange rate. BUSINESS VISA This visa is issued to those persons undertaking business activities in Colombia in the following categories: Entrepreneurs, Traders, Industrials and Business Executives. It allows multiple entries to Colombia up to six months each time. The holder of this type of visa will not be allowed to establish residence in Colombia, and the activities to be undertaken can not generate any salary or payment in Colombia. Requirements: Complete the Visa Application Form Three (3) recent colour photos (3x3 cm) Valid passport for at least one year, or depend of the length A letter in original form on company letter-head from apllicant's employer requesting the issuing of a "Business Visa" and stating the following: The reason of the activity to be undertaken, applicant's position in the company, assurances of the company to pay all costs incurred whilst applicant is in colombia, including the return ticket in cas the visa would be canceled, and the duration of stay in Colombia. Certificate of incorporation of the company, updated. (no more than three months of issued) Letter from the natural person explaining the reasons of his visa, supported by banking certifications or economic solvency to develop business in Colombia. *Visa Fee. STUDENT VISA A Temporary Student Visa may be issued for a maximum period of one year. Requirements: Complete the Visa Application Form Three (3) recent colour photos (3x3 cm). If the applicant is not in Sydney and can not present him/herself in person, the photos must be verified by a Justice of Peace Valid passport for at least one year. Certificate of the enrolment in Colombia indicating the term of your studies. Certificate of the Institution in Colombia proving that is a legal institution. In case it is an Exchange Program between two Institutions, you must present Authenticated copy of the Agreement between the two Universities or Colleges (if applicable). Proof of funds: if the student has been awarded a grant, he must produce the original document entitling him to the grant. If he will be supporting himself, he must produce recent bank statements or proof of income. Parents' written authorization for under age applicants, and statement of guardianship of the student while living in Colombia. Visa Fee

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