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Help File

Trasportation inside the country.


Possible, but only few drivers know English or other forign language. If you want to hitchhiking you need phrase-book and a Bulgarian map to show were you want to go.
The good thing is that there's nowhere forbidden zone for hitch-hiking - you can wave your thumb whenever you want.
But like in the other parts of the world the highways is not free for the walkers.

Using a boards with names of the cities is not common, also HH on a gaz stations but you can give it a try. In the small villages it goes better because there's no regular transport and the locals know that.

A personal advice - don't show your mobile or nice goods not because they might rob you but because the people over there are pretty poor and if the driver does you a favour by picking you up from the street thinking you might not have money, maybe he doesn't have even a mobile, not to mention about expensive profi-cameras.

Bus and train

The biggest bus station in Sofia for local travel is situated next to the main Railway station.
The schedules you can find at

Train is another option, but the routes Sofia-Bourgas and Sofia-Varna are usually overcrowded between 1 July and 1 September so it's better to buy a reserved seat, because it's not very pleasant to stand for 7-8 hours.

If you came by car and want to travel across the country this way there are 2 major highways, no tax yet (as far as I know), all the smaller roads in quite bad shape.
Plenty of gas stations in and around the big cities and towns, not so many on the secondary roads, but anyway to find oil is not a problem.

NB! Never take taxi-cab from the train/busstation - they will over-overcharge you! The rate per km is written on boards inside or outside the taxi. You can negotiate for the amount, otherwise they might overcharge you once they find out you're foreigner.


  • Sofia: "OK taxi" tell: 02-973-21-21, 089/973-21-21;
  • Plovdiv: "Korona taxi", tell: 032-61-82;
  • Varna: "Phoenix taxi", tell: 052-388-111;

Another thing when you travel:

Be aware of pickpockets and wear your money close to your body.
Transportation by trains and buses is relatively cheap, but in the summer period you should buy tickets for buses few days earlier or reserve via phone.

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