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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

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TROPS HOUSE -traditional Bulgarian meals
HAPPY BAR&GRILL - mostly chicken dishes but loads of stuff for vegetarians as well. Reccomended for guys - the waitresses wear mini-skirts;o)


GODZILA - Great huge sallads, tasty pizza's, pasta, potatoe-meals, alcohol and desserts for low prices! Be aware - it's always overcrowded there so you might have to wait a bit for a place or to you'll have share a table with other people.p>

besides these 3 big chains there is planty of little shops everywhere, but it's advisable if you're going to buy an alcohol to trust only the supermarkets.

Street Food

It's very, very, very cheap -you can eat 'gevrek' for 10 cents!!! You'll see Mc Donalds and KFC everywhere, but don't miss to try our traditional Bg street food - there are small bakeries here and there where you can find traditional stuff like 'banitza' and other doughy things, filled in with white cheese, meat or jam . The quality vary for every bakery.
There are also DUNNERS and HAMURGERS (huge variety!) which are kind of international food.

Local Specialties

Tripe soup - 'shkembe chorba' whit lot of chillis and garlic is the best way to become sober in the morning after party. You can find it in most of the restaurants and Fast Food diners.
If you go to the RODOPI mountains , don't miss to try 'patatnik' - made of potatoes and 'kavarma' - contains some meat. Smolyan region is well-known with it's tasty potatoes and big beans - 'smylyanski bob'.

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