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Basic Facts

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Official Country Name: República Federativa do Brasil
Population:174 million
Telephone Code: 55
Time Zone: GMT+3
Area: 8.547.403sq km
Language(s): Portuguese
Religion: Christian (83% catholic)
Ethnic Groups: natives, portuguese, italians, spanish,germans,africans, arabs,japanese...people from all possible backgrounds
Highest Mountain: Pico da Neblina (3.014 m)in Amazonas State
President/Head of State: President Dilma Rousseff
Government: Democracy
Currency: Real (R$)
Exchange Rate: US$1= about R$ 2.26(August/2014) Health Risks: if you are coming to the following states: Mato Grosso/Mato Grosso do Sul/Rondônia/Acre/Amazonas/Roraima/Amapá/Pará/Tocantins, so the Yellow Fever vaccine is required at least 10 days before entering these areas(or you can get it for free here, at airports or public hospitals)
Electricity: 220 V and 110 V
Weights & Measures: kg/m (metrical system)
Country Name in other languages: Brazil, Brasilien, Brasile, Brésil

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