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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

Help File
Restaurants, Supermarkets, Street Food, Local Specialties ... About nice restaurants and or supermarket it really depends of the area where you are.. Anyway.. here is three specialities of belgium that you can cook by yourself to have a little taste of belgium... ;-) enjoy your meal and contact me if you have questions about the recipes...

Rabbit with prunes and beer
To cook rabbit, each area has "its" receipt: with or without prunes, with cherries, with mustard, marinated with the wine…

For 6 people:
2 beautiful cut out rabbits
5 large onions
6 cloves
2 pieces of sugar
2 spoons of currants jelly
75gr of butter
2 spoons of flour
2 spoons of maïzena
1 limps of prunes of Agen
1 beer L (of abbey, preferably)
salt, pepper of the mill

The morning: put prunes to be soaked in water during 2 to 3 hours. Roll the pieces of rabbit in the flour. Make sing half of butter and make there gild the floured pieces. Cut onions and gild them in the remainder of butter. Pour beer on rabbit until covering the pieces completely. Add drained prunes, sugar, the jelly of currants, the cloves, onions, pepper and salt.
Make cook ¾ h. to 1 h. (the rabbit must be tender, but does not have to break up). To taste, add to the need for beer to rectify the taste, salt, pepper and to bind with the maïzena. Make boil again a few moments. Nice with with croquettes of potato and stewed apples.

Chicken Waterzooi

The most famous dish of Eastern Flanders is without question the waterzooi. Formerly, this met was prepared with fish of river and in Ghent, the fine gourmets appreciated the following menu: a dozen oysters, a waterzooi and a dessert. Today, the waterzooi is generally cooked with chicken.

For 4 people:
2 small chickens from 800 to 900 gr.
2 average carrots
2 leek
1 white onion with a clove
2branch of celery
1 bouquet furnished
2 L with water 2 cubes of poultry
1/4 L of fresh cream
2 spoons with parsley chopped
4 spoons with chervil chopped
butter 30 gr.
30gr. of flour
salt and pepper of the mill

For the trimming
2 leek white
2 average carrots
2 celery branches peeled
20 butter gr.

Put chickens in a large pan with washed vegetables as well as the onion with a clove. Add the furnished bouquet, the stockcubes of poultry, the pepper of the mill and cover with water. carry to boiling, then reduce the temperature of the plate. leave the poultries during 30 to 35 minutes.

During this time prepare the trimming. Cut the vegetables as Julienne, (mean shopped small) after cook it with butter with a little stock cube, on soft fire, during 4 to 5 minutes for celery and carrots and 2 minutes for leeks. When cooked, withdraw chickens of their stock cube and cut out them in four pieces, withdraw the skin and keep them with the heat. In a large saucepan dissolve 30 butter gr. throw the flour and the cream and mix it out of fire.
Add 3/4 L of degreased stock cube and carry a few minutes to boiling while mixing highly. Rectify the seasoning and finish by chopped chervil and parsley, not to boil more.
Draw up the pieces of poultry in preheated plates with soup, Pour a ladle of waterzooi, Strew there with Julienne of vegetables and pluches with chervil. Present with small potatoes rolled in butter and chopped chervil or then to accompany simply by brown bread and slightly salted butter. This dish can also be useful in a large soup tureen.

Waffles of Brussels

These are waffles very light and crunching that we eat hot with "impalpable" sugar (sugar freezes) or of the butter which melts in the holes or with the "brown sugar" .But for me the best is with MELTED CHOCOLATE !!

For 6 people:
1/2 kg of flour
40 gr of baking powder or netter with yeast
4 eggs
1 pinch of salt 1 spooon of vanilla sugar
2 spoons of oil
100 gr. butter
1/2 L milk

put the the yeast in a cup with a little milk. In a large container put the flour, dig a well and t pour diluted yeast there. add the yellows of the eggs, oil, salt, the vanilla sugar.
Dissolve in warm milk (not to warm !)

Mix with the preparation. Beat the white of the eggs in snow and delicately incorporate them in the paste. Cover with a cloth of kitchen and to let raise in a hot place during approximately 1 hour.

Put the gaufrier (the machine to do the waffles !! ) to be heated (preferably, to use plates with large holes). When iron is quite hot, coat it if necessary fat content and cook waffles. For which will be the first waffle? For the youngest or the greediest!


Edited bygregoire on 23.07.2004

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