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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

Help File
Restaurants, Supermarkets, Street Food, Local Specialties In Armenia it is not so easy to get vegetarian food. Often in families vegetables are eaten, but for guests normally meat is prepared. One dish you often get in restaurants and at parties is Chorovats, Shaschlik. It normally is delicious. People prepare it on wood from the wineyards. The most delicious Chorovats is prepared from the meat of semi-wild pigs from the area around Dilidjan.
In early spring you can get an astonishing variety of herbs, bought on the marcets even in Yerevan. These herbs are eigher eaten plain or with egg.
The most popular bread in Armenia is called Lavash. It is a thin bread normally baked in a Tonir, an oven in the ground. Today there are also factories producing Lavash. Lavash is often used instead of a fork. The cognac of armenia is popular, but on the markets often cheap copies are sold. The best brand is ARARAT. You get nice spirituoses made from mulberries or apricots.
Coffee is prepered in an oriental style. A lot of elder women will be willing to find out things about your future, if you give them your empty coffee-cup.

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