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Nightlife and Entertainment

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Bars, Cafes, Discos, Cinemas... Some of the nice places around: Rock Cafe, well this is the nicest place for the authentic music lovers, you'll find great music performed live every Friday and Saturday, the owner is a nice guy to and the atmosphere is real friendly. Mumja, this the newest night club in Tirana, it's more of a Lounge in fact, but real cool and you can find the most attractive and hippest crowd around, music is usually, chill out house, lounge, latin Cuba, well this is a latin music place, nice cuban style decorations inside, used to be the hype of Tirana, after the manager left and opened Mumja :), still lots of people go, sometimes during busy weekends you might be left out, if you don't have the club card. Just pretend it's usual that you're going in and don't look confused at the bodygards. Living room, well this is the showy place, beware to go dressed up, and with planty of cash if you want to party all night, during summer there's a nice terrace where you can sip, talk listen sit whatever. The crowd is somewhat older 25-40 and the music is so different every time, depends on the DJ's mood :) New Irish, this is a very nice Irish style pub, the people going there are totally cool (including me:), the best place to hang around during week days, the owners are a really nice couple; and enjoy your beers!!!! Cannon, this is a small, but I really recommend this sort of a Irish pub, with wooden chairs and tables, the crowd inside is usually real nice, and you can even request any of your favourite songs, as long as it's blues, rock, rock&roll. It's has a very warm atmosphere and it's a great place to go dancing even during week days. If you want to know more ask gentip

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