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Attractions and Things to See and Do

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Albanian coast... It is one of the most attractive parts of tourism and sport in Albania. It has an extension of about 450 km and is generally clean. The largest part of the coast is bathed by the Adriatic Sea. Along the entire coast, shallow beaches offer relaxation to the people and are well preferred by the community. In the northern part of Adriatic, the main beaches are those of Velipoja and Shen Gjini. From the Bay of Vlora to the cape of Stillo at the border with Greece extends the Ionian coast, a rocky coast dotted with inspiring landscapes and small gritty beaches. The Ionian coast provides a range of possibilities for diving activities. Its main beaches are Palasa, Dhermi, Jali, Spilea , Qeparoi, Himara, Saranda, Ksamili etc. The Albanian coast offers possibilities for exercising a wide range of sport activities such as swimming, sailing by boats, strolls by motor - boats, diving etc. LAKES 1. The most important center of tourism is the Lake of Ohrid, situated in the southeast part of the country. This is the deepest lake of the country and of the whole Balkan Peninsula, with a maximum depth of about 300m. The lake is home to a fish, called Alcoran (a kind of trout, unique in this lake). Here is a range of tourism destinations such as Lin, Pojska and the city of Pogradec, Tushemisht as well as the karstic springs of Drilon. Lake Ohrid is a natural destination frequented not only by domestic tourists, who usually rent houses for their accommodation in the area of Tushemisht. 2. The Lake of Prespa is situated in the southeastern part of the country. It is the highest tectonic lake of Balkan Peninsula and simultaneously the largest National Park of country 3. In the inner party of the country there is a range of small icy lakes and karstic, from which worth mentioning are the 12 glacial lakes of Lura in the district of Dibra. They form a National Park famous for its attractive nature among numerous woodlands. Also in the area of Lura, horse racing is a well-known activity as well. This activity is carried out in the traditional way at the Field of Mares Mountains Albanian territory is abundant in mountains and hills, which constitute 2/3 of the country area. The most important destinations are Dajti, Llogaraja, Dardha, Bozdoveci, Voskopoja, Valbona and Thethi. These destinations offer natural possibilities to exercise numerous activities such as skiing, mountain climbing, trekking, cave exploration, mountain bikes etc. The most significant places for developing mountain climbing and trekking are: the chains of Korabi and Lura in the area of Dibra, Maja e Hekurave and Kollata in the area of Tropoja, Vermoshi, Boga, Thethi and Razma in the area of Shkodra and Malesia e Madhe, Alps of Terbuni in the area of Puka, pass of Llogaraja in the area of Vlora etc. A specific activity that can be exercised in the mountains is Mountain Bike. Mountain Bike “Tours” are carried out in the Albanian Alps such as Thethi, Boga etc. Albanian nature offers possibilities for other sports and active holidays like aeronautics, which is connected with the very suitable topographic and natural conditions of Albania.

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